Early release for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 GM

During Apple’s 2011 WWDC keynote we had hoped to learn information on the iPhone 5, but that did not happen because Apple decided to let it slip by that time round. A few months later an announcement was made that the iPhone 4S would be the next-generation smartphone from the company and would be released in October. Moving on a year it looks as though the iPhone 5 could get an early release but only by a month if iOS 6 GM is anything to go by.

We’re being told that the iOS Golden Master looks set to be released in early September and the release of the iPhone would follow shortly after in the same month. The reason for this is to help increase sales of Apple’s smartphone towards the end of the year instead of waiting too long for sales to begin to dwindle. Going back a couple of years Apple would have had the luxury of time and could have waited longer to release a new iPhone, but Samsung are giving them a hard time and are putting pressure on Apple.

Once Apple announces iOS 6 and shares some of the upcoming features then shortly after developers should be able to download the beta version to see what they have to play with. The reason that both iOS 6 GM and the iPhone 5 could be released in September this year is because from today’s announcement until final release they are expected to be ready in 3 months.

As always what we know about iOS 6 is all speculation because once again Apple has done a great job of keeping things to themselves, even though Tim Cook said they will be more transparent in the future. We expect iCloud to have a few enchantments along with Siri, but there could also be deeper integration with iTunes, App Store and Facebook.

With just under 2 hours to go there’s not long to find out what Apple has planned.

  • Kumarneeraja

    iOS 6 wow , it’s features would enhance iphone or 4s performance too along with iphone 5 if apple decide release early to catch with galaxy s3