Black Ops 2 to transform COD premature

With a feeling that Call of Duty titles are about scripted experiences it seems that Black Ops 2 is set to transform this genre of games with a branching narrative and multiple endings along with a few more tweaks an additions throughout. The eventuality of your actions is one the biggest new features giving individuals their own branches as far as the route you take.

This non-linear fashion is just one of ten reasons Black Ops 2 will revolutionize Call Of Duty according to Official PlayStation Magazine, and the second of their reasons amounts to an emotional impact to your continuous need to shoot, giving the player options to save one person over another. Other improvements highlight the selection of new technology found in a game that is set in 2025, and Treyarch’s idea of creating an antagonist who is more complex making the villain more of a real person.

The core of the game will focus on realism with conflict coming through a viable background based on a dispute concerning rare earth minerals. Getting the chance to revisit missions and be informed about things you could have done differently will make this a replayable game, and with the multiplayer going back to basics Black Ops 2 should give gamers every reason to keep coming back for more, also twice as many co-op players and zombies will be available in this version.

Being a Call of Duty game this is bound to sell well and Treyarch’s ambitions show that they are intent on bring life back into the series, although quite a few gamers are mainly interested in the zombies. Responses to the multiplayer going back to basics have presented the question of how revolutionary and new this can be, and also how much of the game will be non-linear.

In an article on Gaming Blend, they write about Director David Anthony’s view that this is the most shocking Call of Duty game to date. Without divulging too much information, he says, “Black Ops 2 is going to be the most provocative, shocking, engaging story that a Call of Duty player has ever seen” and he is very pleased with the work that has gone into this.

It is hard to see how controversial this title is going to be considering it is set in the future, away from potentially offending figures, although this setting has allowed the development team to create with plenty of freedom. Only yesterday, we wrote about the multiplayer changes made in Black Ops 2 and mentioned rumors that Treyarch is doing away with the fixed slot system in Create a Class in favor of a point allocation system. Are you expecting this to be the best Call of Duty installment in the series?