GTA 5 and clones that become unique

It is well-known in the gaming world that ideas are borrowed from each other, and some times new games could be borderline clones of past experiences like Grand Theft Auto. When GTA 5 gets its expected release date this year we could see future titles try and copy what Rockstar develop, although it wouldn’t be the first time.

You will always find developers trying to cash in on an idea and this goes for most gaming segments, which has seen benchmarks set by mobile apps like Angry Birds with several similar apps launched following its success. We’re sure you have seen a number of apps launch and then seen almost identical ideas release after, but what about games you’ve played on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC?

There are positives to taking a good game concept and then making it your own, which is completely different to stealing ideas. The original Saints Row would be pegged as too similar to Grand Theft Auto, but looking at the series now it will be nothing like GTA 5 although it started out with extremely similar ideas from that franchise.

Another game we enjoyed had been Darksiders, although we did play the game unlike some gamers that missed it thanks to the negative comments surrounding stealing ideas from other games. When you see Darksiders 2 you’ll see that the first game, even if some classed it as cloning ideas, has become more unique and will build a bigger fan base this time around.

It is fair to say that some of these games that start out as clones can go on to become unique, and offer a concept that has grown into something different and worthwhile.

Considering the way Saints Row started after Grand Theft Auto, how do you think Saints Row 4 will compare to GTA 5? Do you think it’s good for gamers if some developers take ideas from others? While Rockstar are still promoting Max Payne 3 heavily it’s clear that GTA 5 is not releasing soon, although we do expect the second trailer soon and a release date by Nov, so keep connected to us for the latest news.

  • Your sincerest Troll

    GTA 5 is set for release in 2013.
    The first trailer they released in November 2011 is far too early.

  • Taco_2015_taco

    I’m nt saying that GTA 5 will release in late 2012 bt I’m hopeing cuz y would they make us wait a long time 4 it and they would sell a lot more copies if thy release it in late 2012 cuz of Christmas holiday bt either way I can’t wait for GTA 5 to come out! XD

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  • efex 172

    The question is can GTA V be better than the clones of itself, like the brilliant visual Watch Dogs at E3…open world and modern day … and has taken just over 3 years to make… it might be shown if you *take two* long someone else can fill the gap thats been made and possibly better.

  • pissedoffandproudofit

    In former Soviet Union, release date doesn’t take this f*cking long

    • T-11

      your name doesnt make sense

      • pissedoffandproudofit

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  • a.casey

    I think that Rockstar released the 1st trailer, in assumption that Max Payne 3 would be out in March (Its original release date), so they would have more details around June time. But when MP3 was delayed to May, it interrupted Rockstar’s ‘schedule’ for info about GTA V, but they had already released the GTA V trailer, so it was too late. I think now that MP3 had been released, and a few of the DLCs are out of the way, Rockstar can get back on ‘schedule’ with releasing GTA V info. Which should be soon, very soon.

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  • Life-Revolves-Around-Me

    ok the most important thing that we need to know in gta 5 is are we gonna be able to put ourselves as the character? i wanna play myself.

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    Hello, im Albert De Silva. Meet me at 1267 Green Wood behind K-Mart in the ally. And i promise to tell you the release date! Must come at 2:00 – 4:00 am thanks!

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      should i bring any appetisers? 

  • ready when u are R*

    its been months and still no second GTA5 trailer, im not taking rumors/speculations as fact till i hear from rockstar themselves