Halo 4 Executive Producer interview

Halo 4 is very different to GTA 5 because the developers have already shared so much information with us, but the Executive Producer of the game is not done yet and decided to share even more during a recent interview. He states a few obvious facts, such as the game being a continuation of the ongoing saga of Master Chief, but it’s talk that there will be much more focus on multiplayer compared to previous versions that has us excited the most.

Jerry Hook seems very happy with the response that he and his team have received during E3, even though they have only given the fans little tasters of what they can expect from Halo 4. Spartan Ops is going to be a big deal for the game because it will allow the fans to continue their own story on the UNSC Infinity.

The interviewer did try to push his luck and ask if 343 Industries had any new vehicles or weaponry to talk about, but Hook shrugged him off and said that they were only going to show what the fans know and love – well they have to keep some things to themselves.

Hook did go on to say that one of the best things about working on Halo 4 was the great team behind the game, as they are some of the best in the business. There’s still a few months to go before the game is complete, but it’s only to polish and refine to make it the best experience they can – wonder if BioWare and Bethesda said that about Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim?

There’s no doubt that Halo 4 will be a huge hit over the holiday season, but will you be buying it?