iOS 6 beta download, gaming improvements begin

Yesterday Apple announced a number of new products that were made available almost the moment after the event, along we talking up their next OS X and also the next software update for their range of iOS devices. Developers will now notice that the iOS 6 beta download is ready for them to see what all the fuss is about and how they are able to get the most from the mobile operating system, and it’s clear to see that there are a number of gaming improvements.

One way to improve gaming is how you gain access to them in the first place, and that’s with the App Store because it can often become difficult to locate a desired app, so Apple will now make it far easier to search for the app of your choice. Also as a way to better promote let’s say a gaming app you can now Like it direct from the App Store on mobile devices and on the iTunes store on your home computer or laptop.

There are also going to be some improvements made to the Game Center, although Apple decided not to share too much information during their keynote. However, we do know that Mountain Lion will get Game Center, which means that if there is a game available on both platforms then friends will be able to play that game with each other.

Game Center on Mountain Lion will also come with AirPlay and Mac-to-Mac support. There are so many more aspects to iOS 6 than just gaming and while some of the upcoming features have been available to Android users for sometime now, Apple is doing what they do best and that’s taking what’s already out there and making it better.

What do you like most about iOS 6?