New iPhone 5 vs. MacBook Pro, connecting gamers

The future of gaming with Apple devices will be more connected than we see today, and following the WWDC 2012 keynote yesterday this was made extremely clear thanks to enhancements coming to iOS 6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Later on this year you’ll be able to play a game on your new MacBook Pro and on the other end could be an iPhone 5 user or any iOS device that has updated to the latest operating system.

When Apple introduced Game Center it made it easier than ever to invite someone to join you in a game, and also allowed you to go against people from all around the world on an iPhone, iPad, or another iOS device. It has always been Apple’s aim to connect users with various products using its software, and this will mean increasing the reach of Game Center with Mac OS X Mountain Lion support soon.

Cross game play a popular topic – There are over 130 million people using Game Center, which allows uses to cross game play with other iOS hardware, but allowing Mac OS X users in on the fun will bring a whole new dimension to gaming with Apple. It’s a shame the UI has not been revamped a lot for iOS 6, from what we saw at WWDC 2012, although we hope additional features are added in the future. Feel free to share your wish list for Game Center in the comments.

The topic of cross platform gaming has been desired for a while with PC and Xbox 360 users, and cross platform gaming is increasing in demand for PS Vita and PS3 users, then we have OnLive cloud gaming and what has been made possible with multiple devices. With this in-mind it looks like the future of gaming with be very diverse when it comes to the player on the other end of a game, which means you might never know what hardware they are really using, although this in itself could have problems with gameplay if things are not handled right.

Do you like the idea that you could buy a new iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and be able to play MacBook Pro users, or do you see problems with the differences in specs? This will certainly mean you can keep connected with your favorite games in more ways than ever before, so share a comment below on how you feel about the evolution of cross platform gaming.

  • Moosa Mahsoom

    windows is also heading the same way.