Skyrim Dawnguard: DLC beta invites delivered

We all love something for free and when you mix that with Skyrim, then a free Dawnguard DLC beta will surly get a massive amount of interest. Considering the invites are already in inboxes for three quarters of gamers who signed up, we bet there will be a lot of people upset over the next day or so.

The rest of the Skyrim Dawnguard beta invites will be sent out today, so if you don’t get an email within the next 24 hours you might as well count yourself out, which had been confirmed in a recent tweet on the official Bethesda Game Studios account.

Some people just want a freebie – it’s nice to see a lot of interesting in the Skyrim DLC beta but you can also count on a massive number of these gamers just wanting free downloadable content, although there will be people that want to help and iron out the bugs before it goes public.

The fact remains that the DLC will release with bugs and we’ll get a patch for these at a later date, although we hope it’s not on the scale seen when Skyrim first released. These problems didn’t stop us putting in over 400 hours on the PS3 version, which included frame-rate issues at first. Now we’re looking forward to heading back to Skyrim with the Dawnguard DLC, and hope most beta testers do a good job at finding bugs within the expansion.

Did you get a beta invite in your inbox for Skyrim Dawnguard? If not and you are on a PC then try these vampire mods.

  • Coolguy65

    i better get one…..

  • Jhon Trollinski

    Actually, this information Is very wrong, just been up In the forums and It Is stated that only 0.05 percent of the people who signed up will be selected, I guess I’m out since I haven’t received anything! :(

  • Terek Worley

    Its funny how he says all the bugs in the origional release like you got a bug every 5 min. I NEVER had problems with Skyrim untill they released a patch to fix the bugs. It was like there were no bugs, and there “patch” created them. Whatever. I reinstalled game and they went bye bye. Mabe i had less problems cuz im on xbox360, instead of a lousy pc, or god forbid, a dreaded ps3.

    • Jhon Trollinski

      I hear ya, since Xbox360 was the console they worked on they didn’t really need patches for the Xbox360, I too never experienced any bugs since after the release, It Is like they want us to get bugs, thank god I didn’t buy pc or even the PS3 version!

    • InDIGnation

      I can’t help but snigger at the irony when console owners say how rubbish a PC is despite the fact that they’re probably using one to type that comment. Although I do admit I spend more time getting my PC to come back online rather than playing games on it.

      • Jhon Trollinski

        I use a PC for 3d modeling, not gaming so that does not concern to me.

      • Terek Worley

        All i use a pc for is work. I DEFFINETLY DONT play games on it. It probably wouldnt even play many games. I paid 300 bucks for it. I dont like the idea of spending thousends of dollars every other year to upgrade a pc to even attempt to play any new games. Have had a xbox for 7 years and never put a dime into it. And it plays any game in 1080. All u suckers that buy into pc developers little scam is almost sickening….. (BTW i posted this on my net TV ;p)