Skyrim DLC related interviews at E3

Last week a number of website and blogger reporters managed to get a Skyrim Dawnguard gameplay interview during E3 2012 with Bethesda, and before the developer got down to sharing some of the juicy details – or as much as they would allow – they first wanted to thank fans for how much they have supported the games.

In the first interview lead artist of the team discusses how they will bring the first DLC to The Elder Scrolls V and gives them something new to play. He then goes on to discuss how you can play as a Vampire Lord or Hunter, you are giving this choice at the start of the story – so do you want to be good or evil?

The Vampire Lord is new to Dawnguard and is a new type of vampire; it’s very different because of the skills that you can perform and that all-new perk tree. This DLC does seem to be about the monsters because you will also get a new perk tree for werewolves and works in a similar way to that of the vampire perk system.

What we like about Dawnguard is how you can try the game as something else and the fact that there is so much more new content, along with high level content as well, such as high level dragons, weapons and much more. Another added feature that we like with the upcoming DLC is how you are now able to change some of the features of your chosen character.

Talking about those weapons you will now have a crossbow; while it’s more powerful than a bow and arrow, it does load much slower so you have to be prepared for the trade off. Then there are for the first time Dragon Bone weapons, so you will need to start collecting all those Dragon Bones and start smithing yourself some new weapons once you have Dawnguard.

This is the first of many DLCs, we just can’t wait to see what Bethesda have up their sleeves next.


  • WILDtreacko

    wait i thought that if you were a vampire lord you didn’t get the cross bow yet the game play clips show someone with dawngaurd armor and cross bow and there is something else you forgot to mention but did show a new mount. Also please show some screenshot and stats on the dragon bone weapons

    • Ekrulder97

      You can get the crossbow probably from killing a dawnguard as well as the armor so you can be a vampire and get a crossbow.