BF3 double XP weekend start time by region

DICE and EA are always looking for ways to promote the Battlefield 3 Close Quarters expansion pack and what better way than a BF3 double XP weekend. The event will run from June 16- 17 and we’ll list the start time by region below. The double XP will be available for everyone no matter what map you are currently playing, but just remember that you need to be playing on a ranked server.

How great is it to be able to get double XP on all the new maps in Close Quarters, but you can only take advantage of this if you are a Battlefield 3 Premium member. As always there’s always going to be some gamers complaining how those who have not put the hours in are able to rank up so fast, but these are just a minority of gamers because the rest are just fine with it. It’s great to share the love.

The start times for this weekends BF3 double XP are as follows: LA is 00:01, New York, 05:01, London, 08:01 and Tokyo 16:01.

The next DLC on the list is Armored Kill and we can expect another double XP weekend when that new content is made available. This is just another of many and will feature a host of new vehicles and weapons, but for now we should just enjoy Close Quarters and this weekend.

  • Huh

    Simple question when does it start eastern standard time usa

    • Michael Elwess

      Huh? Wow kid, which time zone do you think New York is in? Gotta love the American education system is failing.