Boom Town’s gameplay similar to Triple Town

New cross-platform puzzle game Boom Town is an old west-themed title said to involve similar gameplay to that experienced in the popular Triple Town from Spry Fox. AppMobi’s Boom Town is now accessible on Facebook as well as Android and iOS devices and was built in HTML5, accounting for how it can be on all three platforms at the same time.

The basic gameplay is much the same as the Triple Town objective of building the biggest town possible before running out of space on the game board, although there are a few subtle differences so this doesn’t appear to replicate this totally, and this familiar idea is highlighted in a report by Inside Social Games. The experience involves the placing of items on a grid and matching them together into contiguous groups of three or more. After a group is formed, its component pieces slide together onto the last item placed and “level up” into a more valuable item.

From this grass becomes tumbleweed, tumbleweed becomes cactus and cactus becomes outhouse, so the player must continue placing items on the board until they either run out of moves or have filled up the board completely. Boom Town only forms villains when three snakes are matched together and this is where it performs in a similar fashion to that seen with Triple Town’s bears, yet the dynamite is the main difference in Boom Town, as it may be purchased for in-game gold and then used to clear a 3×3 area on the board.

The impressive way that HTML5 allows Boom Town to support cross-platform play between three systems means this should attract a large audience, although the potential success is debatable considering the popularity of the well-established Triple Town and Boom Town is not nearly as polished. In an article on appMobi’s website, they write about their new title’s one HTML5 code base to over 1.5 billion devices, and this will be available in the Amazon Appstore, Nook App Store, and Intel AppUp stores.

With appMobi aiming to get people to play and buy on any platform, do you think this will attract players from the established Triple Town?