Consequences of Diablo 3 cheating, hacks, bots, or mods

Those found cheating with Diablo 3 will face the consequences of what Blizzard regards as going against the spirit of fair play that all of their games are based on. It seems that cheaters will soon lose the privilege of logging in to to play Diablo 3 with his or her account and this will amount to a loss of $60 due to no offline play thanks to the game’s strict online-only DRM.

They advise users to refrain from using any hacks, cheats, bots, or exploits and because of so many incidents have been reported since its launch a firm hand is required to put an end to situations where gold has been stolen along with other virtual items. In an article on Tom’s Hardware, the news of Blizzard cracking down and banning Diablo 3 cheaters shows that this action has become an issue that violates their policies for and Diablo 3.

This statement came from Blizzard on Monday not long after the company said players must use a authenticator in order to use the Real Money Auction House, which is scheduled to open its doors today. Although they say this has only amounted to a small percentage, last week a gold farmer claimed that around 10,000 accounts have been infiltrated using the traditional methods and many others by non-traditional methods. Apparently he makes around 4 million in gold an hour from compromised accounts, highlighting those who use the same username/e-mail/password on a forum, fansite or any other internet hub are prime targets

In other relevant news, Gaming Blend report on internet cafe owners taking out a class-action lawsuit against Blizzard due to many customers walking out of because of all the server outages in Asia. Apparently, the Korean internet cafe owner who purchased bulk copies of Diablo 3 is aiming to take Blizzard to court and sue over compensation, although regular gamers and consumers seem to have to put up with it. Some may feel that Blizzard could have saved a lot of heartache and provided their fans with an offline mode.

Yesterday we wrote about the latest Diablo 3 update to include Retina support for the new MacBook Pro making gameplay look even sharper than normal. However, we also highlight the price for the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, as it seems to be about $600 more than one without. Do you feel that when it comes to selling items for real money cheaters should be definitely be banned?