Debating Skyrim Dawnguard faction choice

The moment that you download and install Skyrim Dawnguard you will need to make your faction choice, do you go with the good or evil – something we’re sure you’re already debating with your friends? The choices are simple, do you become a Vampire Lord or a Vampire Hunter, which is part of the Dawnguard? The decision is not one to be taken lightly because there are pros and cons for whatever choice you make.

It’s strange really because when you start to ask Skyrim fans who they will pledge their allegiance to most of them have said the Vampire Lord, but you have to remember that you cannot come out during daylight. While this may sound an inconvenience you can apply a mod that will make the nights longer and the days shorter.

There are so many positives to becoming a Vampire Lord, such as the ability to float instead of walking, transform at will, Vampire grip, teleport, summon gargoyles and so much more. It’s these powers that makes becoming evil in the Skyrim DLC all the more fun.

How can we persuade you to join the Dawnguard when becoming a Vampire Lord offers so many perks, but then there’s nothing like being the underdog is there? If you still wish to become a Vampire Hunter then you’ll be able to use crossbows, even better amour, more exploring and crafting and you even get to have your very own armored troll.

As yet there is no clue as to when the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC will come to the PS3 or PC, but those with an Xbox 360 willing to part with $20 can download and start using the new content from June 26, 2012.

Which faction will you choose?

  • Gerrard101

    Go dawnguard. We have werewolves.

    • Eduardo Jaimes

      no you dont… dawnguard has no relation to werewolves

      • Thesir

        sir there is a new werewolf perk tree

      • skyrimmer

        yes they do… do your research before commenting

        • M’aiq The Stander

          I believe he meant the Dawnguard (As a faction) has no relation to werewolves, whereas the Dawnguard (As the reference to the DLC) is related to the DLC, which is what you meant.

  • Masterleeboy

    Dawngaurd does include a new werewolve talent tree! WOOP I can’t wait roll on the 26th

  • Killjoy348

    Will werewolfs be able to transform back into normal human form when they wish or not ?

    • Marionet

      no they won’t, tough they get a perk tree now

  • Asf

    I will be a vampire lord

  • Laxdude192837

    Hunters get their own armored trolls to command

  • Urdnag Blood-Bringer

    Easy solution: create 2 save files. One where your character becomes a vampire and one where you join the vampire hunters. This way you don’t have to compromise and can enjoy the best of both worlds without sacrifice. This what I plan on doing with my level 47 nord.

  • diksawanna

    vampires are shitcunts while the Dawnguard are sickcunts

  • Ryak29jr

    Dawnguard because ima werewolf beast. 

  • Carrie Ann Jones

    I’m so happy I can take a arrow to my knee!!

  • Logan Kemp

    Actually, you can join the Dawnguard and do all the quests for crossbows and get so you can make ’em ’cause you can make ’em cheap. You should have Serana as a follower ’cause she’ll show up at the fort asking to talk to you. When you do a quest for her to find her mother in the Soul Cairn, it’ll try to eat your soul so she’ll offer to make you a Vampire Lord. After that, the Dawnguard will no longer interact with you unless you do the quest to get a cure. But since you can make bolts and crossbows, [and maybe already hired a troll] you don’t really need to interact with them anymore.
    Best of both worlds :)