New GTA 5 Easter Eggs in Max Payne 3

Whenever a new game is released we’re always on the look out for an Easter Egg to try and let slip one or two secrets in regards to another game from the developer. You’ll be pleased to learn that there are supposedly new GTA 5 Easter Eggs in Max Payne 3, but we have to wonder if some people are now starting to look for things that are not there?

It would not be a big stretch for Rockstar to include more than one or two Easter Eggs to help get your gaming juices going for GTA 5, we assume they have given us some to keep us occupied and it now seems there are more. This time you will notice a newspaper left open in a room in the first chapter with a picture of a Learjet 45 in it, which looks very much like the one that featured in the GTA V trailer.

There’s also another Easter Egg found on the walls of a New Jersey bar in MP3, which are of some mountains, it’s been suggested that these could be a backdrop of the mountains in Los Santos. This could be a coincidence, but knowing Rockstar they have been put there for a reason.

There are certain gamers who would suggest that these are not Easter Eggs and are just a coincidence and we’re looking at things that are just not there – they say we should give Rockstar some credit but would you agree? Let’s take the bicycle seen in Max Payne 3, which is the same one seen in the GTA V trailer. Now some gamers would say it’s an Easter Egg while others with a more level head would say it’s just the same bike model because both games are using the same engine – developers share assets all the time from game to game.

Are these really Easter Eggs for Grand Theft Auto V or are we grabbing at straws?

  • gtafan

    pictures please?

  • Rockstar fan

    The bike maybe sure and the plane sure but now for the pictures I think we are looking to much One reason about the pictures is we don’t have anything to back it up with but we won’t no untill the game comes out and who in their mind will go trying to find these spots no one cuase everyone will be busy playing the game I’m just excited for this game and can’t wait for a trailer soon and really do hope the game comes out this year

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    Ot: it doesnt really matter, information on GTA 5 is inevitable and coming soon.

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  • ryana

    In the first level of Max Payne when you’re running in the parking garage. The tires on the yellow car are definitely an easter egg for GTA V. Those tires are definitely going to be included in GTA V!!!!

    • Ilikepenis

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      • XM_JDM

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  • Carson J Gallo

    I’m with u Peter, keep looking out for more, especially in The Multiplayer matches.

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