Considering iPhone 5 3D gaming

What if Apple launched an iPhone 5 with 3D gaming, which took things to another level? While it’s fair to say that some concepts we’ve seen are years away and not coming anytime soon, you cannot help but think it has to come to an iPhone at some point if 3D continues to be a hit at cinemas and in the home with HDTVs.

We are sure some of our readers have used apps that pretend to be 3D on an iPhone, and some of these apps try to look like a Hologram when you turn the device, which use the motion sensor and change the image or animation as needed. You can see one of these apps in action via the video below this article, although we’re sure you’ve seen better attempts.

There are also a few Android phones that offer 3D screens and cameras, something Apple are either behind on or not bothered about, and looking at the sales success of these 3D phones we’re unsure if this is something the mobile gamer wants.

What would an iPhone 5 with 3D be like for mobile gaming? The display might be much smaller and nothing like the experience you get from a 3D movie, or a 3D game on the PS3, but would it be worth it for Apple phone users? With Apple’s focus on Retina displays, seen with the new MacBook Pro, it is unlikely Apple will offer this option soon, but if they did would you want 3D on an iPhone?

Some people want better graphics and smooth gameplay when gaming on a mobile device, although others are happy with a bigger display, but we’d love to know what you look for when gaming on a phone? If you could have your perfect specs what would they be?

See the 3D attempt by an iPhone app below, and let us know if you would love native 3D gaming on the iPhone 5. You can also read how iOS 6 is setting the stage for the next iPhone here.