Cost of Diablo 3 dupe hack

For anyone else considering creating a Diablo 3 dupe hack then you have been warned because there are consequences to your actions, as Blizzard will give you the boot, meaning you would have wasted yourself $60 in the process. The reason Blizzard is taking such a tough stance is because they had to issue a hotfix over the weekend because of people item duping, which in turn led to more server problems.

We do find this a little ironic because you cannot play Diablo 3 unless you’re online, something that was brought in to prevent such hacks and exploits. These issues were rife with Diablo 2, so this has now raised questions regarding the always-on DRM as some Diablo fans are now suggesting that it’s pointless and is not doing what it was set out to do?

Blizzard recently sent thousands of players packing because they were found to be cheating, it’s hoped that this action will work as a deterrent to others thinking of cheating the system because there will be consequences to your actions. While certain hacks can be fun Blizzard makes a point that it can have adverse effects to those who are not cheating, such as issues with performance and stability with the service.

Even though it looks as though Blizzard are trying to be on the side of the user, there’s no getting away from the fact that when there is an issue they seem to take their time trying to help the user, but are these just isolated cases? Have you had your account blocked for no apparent reason and what are your thoughts on these hackers?

In other related news the Auction House went live in the US yesterday and will go live in Europe on Friday, which means that you will now be able to sell in-game items and we’re shocked to learn that items have already been sold for $250, which is the max buyout.

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    “We’re shocked to learn that items have already been sold for $250, which is the max buyout.”

    Don’t be: it’ll likely turn out the folks who are performing the ridiculous purchasing are Blizzard employees. Why? Well, all for the purpose of promoting the RMAH, and allowing players to believe the AH is a guaranteed way to make money for ambitious players. And they likely will too – ambitious players made money on the Facebook IPO too 😉