Devs think PS4 / Xbox 720 specs in 2012

When Sony and Microsoft introduced the PS3 and the Xbox 360 they assumed that they would keep developers happy for several years, and while they have faced some challenges to get the most from these machines, they have lasted pretty well. However, it’s no secret that creating new engines for the latest games is getting tougher because of the hardware limits, so now it’s 2012 devs have been looking at what the PS4 and Xbox 720 specs need to be in order to make them happy.

The biggest thing that developers want is power, devs look at power in different ways because they need different things, if you have too much power then it can often make things more difficult because if there’s too much power then there will be stability issues, well that’s according to Ray Muzyka, BioWare’s president.

Developers also look for different ways for players to interact with the controls within each game, so hope that these next-gen consoles will go another step further – just as Nintendo are with the Wii U. Microsoft have already started to think ahead with their SmartGlass, but then we’re sure that Sony will incorporate their PS Vita much more for the PS4 than they do with the PlayStation 3.

One of the biggest issues that devs would like to see resolved are the ongoing issues with lag, and while it would be nice to think that next-gen consoles would somehow be able to resolve this issue, this is something that has to be fixed with game servers. If we never had lag issues then the social growth for gaming would increase at a much larger rate and allow devs and publishers to do even more than they’re doing now.

Another important factors for devs is memory, especially with the PS3 so you would hope that both Microsoft and Sony would take this into consideration and install more than we would need. I know that this could carry an extra cost, but we’re sure gamers would pay an extra few dollars to have between 4 to 8GB of RAM?

An article here has been looking even deeper into this and has a great insight from a number of developers and what they believe is needed for the PS4 and the Xbox 720 to become a success.

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    Mate if you think its the internet service providers fault for lag and not due to the games servers, you really shouldn’t be writing articles on gaming.

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      its a problem that can come in many forms, game servers. and the continental servers [e.g. playing with americans when your english] and i believe you should be corrected on your statement sir, “if you dont understand internet connections and gaming as a whole then you shouldn’t be reading articles like this.” 😉

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      You need to read muppet!! the article says “this is something that has to be fixed with game servers”

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        Yeah I aint no muppet, the author originally said “this is something needs to fixed with internet service providers”. The article has been changed since, most probably due to my comment. I did notice it was taken down for a while.

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