Guild Wars 2 beta satisfaction

There’s nothing like getting an early taste of what is to come with a new game, which is why last weekends Guild Wars 2 beta went down well with the fans, but in order to fulfill their satisfaction it’s clear that more beta weekends are needed before the game is released, which is penciled for sometime this year.

It’s clear from players reactions that this is going to be a truly remarkable game and each time a new beta weekend takes place ArenaNet introduces a range of new features, two that stood out this time round were the UI and character development. However, we’re told that the standout feature last weekend was the skill trees, which saw a major update.

Another change was made to the minimap, the old version was round in shape but has since been changed to a square, which has been met with a mixed reaction. We have been contacted via email that suggests that Guild Wars 2 could be released next month, but we feel this is a little optimistic. What we can foresee happening is that there will be one or two more beta weekends to make a few more changes ahead of its final launch.

Before we get comments that the game has already received a release date for the end of June, we have to point out that this was only speculation and has since been denied by publisher NCsoft. Some gamers missed last weekends beta event and wished that they had made the time and effort and even though most fans believe this was an awesome weekend, others thought it was a little lame – were you one of them?

  • Derek B

    I honestly can’t wait for this game. The only MMO I’ve ever played was World of Warcraft, been playing for about 5 years and I’m super bored of it. Even the new expansion for World of Warcraft looks boring. I pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 because my friend Corey actually loves this game and I thought it would be a good chance to play together. The first beta weekend I didn’t really enjoy at all because we had so much trouble trying to get on the same server *there was a lot of confusion on my part*. The last beta weekend I played, June 8th I think. I HAD SO MUCH FUN. I got to level 14 with my friend Steve, oh god it was such a tease. I want to play this game so much now, I don’t think I could go back to World of Warcraft. Guild Wars 2 just feels so new and fresh, the fact that I don’t know anything about the game makes me really excited to play it and learn. The cities in this game are crazy huge. Fighting in this game is so much more fun than WoW, rather than targeting and sitting there spamming buttons, I’m able to move around. Jumping and dodging attacks really gives a next generation MMO feel rather than just seeing “dodge” “miss” ect. 

    Anyways sorry for the long post 😛

  • Rhodiginus

    Would certainly like to hear why people thought this beta weekend was lame.  I thought maybe it was because people had overplayed the first weekend and didn’t want to repeat the same content over again, but characters were carried over so you could still explore any higher level areas that were available or take part in WvWvW?  Who knows.

    Last weekend was first time I tried the game and I loved it.  I tried to avoid levelling anything too high as I wanted the low level content to be fresh when it is fully released, so I just toyed around with each class to get a feel for them.  Not to sound like a fanboy, but from what I have tried so far I can find very little to complain about.

    Apart from not being able to make convincing looking old characters :/

    Now I can’t decide what is more annoying… having to wait for ANet to announce a release date, or listening to everyone speculating that release is just around the corner.

  • ryan allen

    I LOVED every minute of the game, but did get burnt out. Not because I didn’t enjoy the game but because I played it WAY too much. I can say I definitely got my fill of beta! The sad thing is trying to play games after GW2 now feels horrible. All of them are slow compared to GW2’s fast-paced, dodge-based, open-ended combat.

    • Melisa

      I CANNOT PLAY anything anymore either. After the beta you realize how much every other game sucks NO game can compare to this.. this will surely be #1 game in the world/ anyone who plays will get addicted

      • Rhodiginus

        Ha definitely share that feeling, feels pointless playing any other game knowing GW2 is coming out this year.

        On a positive note I am getting a lot of work done now during the wait for release date!

  • Fantom

    It’s a BETA. It’s not ready for release yet; don’t play it and think it sucks.

  • GGkiela

    This game is seriously amazing I wish it would just release already it was perfect to me in the last beta/ i had no lag and i played on highest settings, Graphics —> (1600×900)…. and i know alot of other people enjoyed it too i am so impatient on waiting for this game i wish it would release and that the Gw2 team could just make updates every now and then instead of waiting for another 2 or 3 months for it to release I had no problems what so ever playing…

  • Kenuty

    This game is disgustingly amazing. I cannot also touch any other game, friends been trying to get me to level in tera, or playing new games to ease my pain of not playing gw2 and you know what, it can’t happen. I choose to not even play games or do anything till gw2 betas come out to give it a go again. This is one of those games where you can’t just watch a video and judge it, you gotta get a hands on and feel it. The game is fresh for sure.

    • Penny

      im feeling exactly this, i have plenty of amazing games, by right, that i could be playing .. but NO sir!! GW2 for me. but im happy to wait i dont want to see a crash in the game like WAR did … 64% of its subs lost in the first month, when they shouldve launched it with patch 1.32 when i considered that was when the game was ready for a launch.

    • Halla

       Yes dude, I am the EXACT same way. I have been trying to pick up some game to bridge the gap but I just can’t. After tasting the beta weekends, nothing but GW2 will do. I am a big admirer of how a game looks, and gw2 looks amazing. I found myself stopping every minute to admire a view. Then the need to go slay some new beast or defend a village attracted my attention.  Fresh for sure.

  • Eddster

    I thought the game was lacking on several fronts. The auto attacking stuff infront or near you took little to no skill what so ever. All the abilties were cookie cutter from other mmo’s. Animations were lacking on many fronts. Unable to travel to friends instances is a huge negative at this point. Questing is zerg fests from one zone to the next. Pvp was dull. Small maps and dished out nothing different from World of Warcraft. My 2 cents!

    • Tim Martinez

      What do you mean by auto attacking? You mean that with melee weapons, you just need to be in range, but don’t have to point right at the target since it’ll attack in the selected target’s direction automatically for you? It’s not supposed to be hard to connect with your attacks like some FPS game. That’d be pretty annoying if you had to do that and so everybody would be circle-strafing in melee.

      I’m not sure what skills would need for you to consider them different from other MMOs, but I think there is an interesting dynamic with the “preset” combinations available for the weapons, plus your choice of additional skills, plus the trait lines which significantly alter those skills with new effects, along with the specific stat increases that differ for each trait line. Add in the fact that there’s no healer or tank class, but rather every class is more balanced and capable of contributing to different aspects of the team in a variety of ways, and yet each class operates using their own unique principles, and it feels refreshingly unique to me. I mean, what I know about so far is that elementalist can change attunements on the fly, mesmers have illusions that shatters and have mantras, warriors are based on adrenaline, engineers have some gadgets to switch to and of course deploy weapons, thieves have no skill cooldown and instead have initiative available for a burst of attacks. Oh, and I forget to mention the fact that there’s no mana, you can dodge, and almost all skills can be used while on the move (no standing in place required).

    • Egghead Fred

      My 2 cents, find a better game that is free to play. WoW can eat it. Glad you won’t be there to ruin it for me. WvW/PvP is definitely NOT dull. No cookie cutter abilities so I don’t know what you are talking about unless they rebalanced the skills during beta. There were some bugs to fix but this is beta.

    • Case Stigman

      You have a few points but you mostly don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Guest

    I’m sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but if you want to look knowledgeable, and not frustrate readers, then you need to work on sentence structure and apostrophes. For example: “weekends Guild Wars 2” should actually read “weekend’s Guild Wars 2”. You also have a couple of run-on sentences. One of your run-on sentences was “Another change was made to the minimap”. That alone is a complete sentence, and there should be a period after the word minimap. Even a semi-colon would suffice. “Players reactions” should be “players’ reactions”. Since there is more than one player having a reaction towards the game. I’m tired of coming to these “professional” websites, and then seeing articles pumped out with gross grammatical errors. It’s unprofessional, it’s hard to read, and it shows the lack of education (or the lack of even caring) of the writer. Get a proof reader.

    • Guest

      Also, I realize I forgot to put a comma before my quotes, but since there is no way to edit my post, I will just leave it as is.

    • michael

       your the only one that cares lol

  • Eren

    I didn’t experience any lag, but had major latency problems. I press the ‘a’ key and it takes my character a second to respond, for example. I’ve got great internet connection and a computer that exceeds the recommended specifications. Was the problem most likely on my end, or was it ArenaNet’s servers?