Indication of Gran Turismo for PS Vita

Hints that Gran Turismo could be on the horizon for the PS Vita are registered in an online survey showing plenty of interest in those wanting to but this game for the handheld console. The opportunity to get a discount when buying this for PS3 and PS Vita is an idea that gamers would definitely like to see.

This idea relates to those who purchase a game for the PS Vita or PlayStation 3 obtaining another copy absolutely free on the other console, through downloads. The survey taken by an IGN reader asks if the chance came up to get a discount on the PS3 version of a game, how interested would you be in the PS Vita version? This survey is also discussed in an article on The Sixth Axis along with cross format benefits for PlayStation Plus subscribers, they also highlight how well the Vita would do considering Gran Turismo has had success on the PS3.

In this, they also mention the questions asked especially the one about a discount for those buying Gran Turismo for the PS3, and whether this will entice gamers to invest in the PS Vita version, although the general consensus is that fans of Gran Turismo will already have this on the PlayStation 3. In other news Gaming Bolt give their account of what Sony needs to do to revive the PS Vita and firstly they recommend better third party support, as there is only a few titles that make the most of this and some great titles exclusively for the Vita would help the console drastically.

Some system selling games would also be advantageous along with a decent marketing strategy for the handheld to advertise its worth. A price cut would be route to take as the cost of a Nintendo DS was reduced substantially a few months after it launch and now it is doing really well. Keeping in line with current Vita news at the beginning of the week we looked a the reactions to the latest optional PS Vita firmware update and questioned whether this was worthwhile, we also mention some of the most anticipated PlayStation Vita titles from E3.

Do you want to see titles like Gran Turismo make their way to the PS Vita? Maybe you feel that this handheld console requires more games like this to improve overall sales figures.