Lollipop Chainsaw visual review

We have been following Lollipop Chainsaw and each review has shown some varied opinion, with scores ranging from average to extremely good, although it seems that most websites rate the game above average.

Some of the highest rated Lollipop Chainsaw reviews find the game “truly memorable“, but scores that are slightly lower find holes in the gameplay execution but do embrace the imagination and excitement Lollipop Chainsaw provides. If you love B-movie horrors then you’d love this videogame, but this also adds to the problems and quality of the game in parts.

Within the last week we looked at one review that pointed out how Lollipop Chainsaw had been improved with costumes, and that there was no real pattern with the reviews we seen, which led to divided opinion. Today we wanted to give you some nice visuals that review Lollipop Chainsaw first hand and are perfect for those that want to see how good the game is.

We’ve embedded six Lollipop Chainsaw videos below, the first is a quick review that gives you an overview of what’s good about the game, and the other five videos run much longer at more than 60 minutes. These videos feature a walkthrough of Lollipop Chainsaw, so these will offer more spoilers but also give you a lot more insight into the game.

We found the fun combat is where the game really shines, although we’d love to know what you like about Lollipop Chainsaw, so share a comment and watch the videos below.


  • No Öne

    sooner or later they’ll make a nude one -_-