Reaction to ASA Mass Effect 3 ending verdict

Due to a large online community complaining about Mass Effect 3, the Advertising Standards Authority launched a probe into the issues surrounding the game’s endings, although Electronic Arts has successfully defended it stance concerning its advertising campaign.

ASA investigated whether EA had misled or exaggerated to the extent that it was in breach of advertising protocols, and now it seems that they are in the clear we are interested in the reaction to this. A recent report on CVG explains how the publisher was found not to be in breach of advertising standards, and that The advertisement claiming that “the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome” gave ASA reason to look into this, as well as the amount of complaints EA were receiving about game’s multiple-choice conclusions being too much alike.

ASA acknowledged the belief that players’ choices in the game did not influence the outcome to the extent claimed by EA, yet still found that the three choices at the end of the game were thematically quite different. In addition, they found a large number of minor variations in the end stages of Mass Effect 3, which were changeable to the choices made. Overall, they concluded that the ad was not misleading.

In reaction to this outcome, some gamers are getting a petition together asking the ASA to change their ruling, as many feel that EA found the pressure of creating a decent ending too much and decided to take the easy way out by making no ending at all. Many feel that the ASA should have come down hard on EA and made an example out of them, otherwise this type of thing will happen again.

The fact that people were so infuriated by this they referred this to the ASA must be food for thought with those involved in trying to sell their games. Most of what was stated by the Advertising Standards Authority has not been well received; especially the bit about the three choices at the end of the game being quite different and apparently the ad was not misleading.

Keeping inline with the subject of Mass Effect 3, at the beginning of the week we looked at the latest Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut and Earth DLC details and informed our readers that there is more to be had as far as this game is concerned. Do you think the verdict given by the Advertising Standards Authority will be enough of a reason to stop initial ME fans from coming back?

  • Cameron Standring

    Doubt it. The ASA is kind of correct – the endings are ‘thematically different’ – but only in the most technical, lazy way possible. The ending cutscenes are all 95% the same with a different colour filter, the effects on the galaxy are never shown, etc. The Extended Cut may rectify some of this by providing clarification and closure, but it can’t fix the plotholes without changing the ending outright, which they’ve said they aren’t doing.

  • Guest

    Have some of those who weighed on that decision there play the three games and tell if they feel the same in the end. Money talks loud and EA has a strong voice, but mine will no longer be part of that choir.