Skyrim Dawnguard beta testers talk vampires

Yesterday we had asked what faction you will be choosing with the upcoming DLC for Skyrim, but now Dawnguard beta testers have had a chance to play with the new content they felt obliged to talk about the vampires and the perk tree. Some of the perks are truly awesome and is the reason why so many beta testers are choosing to become a Vampire Lord.

We had been asked a number of times if being a vampire means you can only stay in that form for a certain amount of time like a werewolf, but the beta testers were quick to point out that you can change at will and stay in vampire form for as long as you wish, just remember not to go out during the day.

These testers also found that you were able to surrender your werewolf abilities by becoming a Vampire Lord, so yet another choice for you to make. One thing you have to remember though, when in vampire form you will be attacked on sight, so you’re advised to change back into your human form until it’s safe to become the undead once more.

Below we have the full Vampire Lord Perk Tree, which starts at the bottom with The Power of the Grave, this gives you a 50 point bonus for health magicka and stamina. This then moves up to Vampire Grip, the next is Summon Gargoyle then Corpse Curse, Detect All Creatures, Mist Form and so much more, all of which is explained in detail in the video.

It’s clear to see that becoming a Vampire Lord will appeal to many fans of Skyrim because of all the abilities that come with it, but don’t rule out becoming a hunter as well because there are some great perks when you are working onside with the Dawnguard as well.


  • Guest

    do you have to be in lord form to take advantage of all perks?

    • Nate10

      yes. its a seperate perk tree only available in vampire lord form.

  • Guest

    Whoever is leaking this information is probably subject to punishment and obviously can’t respect the fact that Bethesda only allowed these people to beta test because they trusted that people wouldn’t leak information regarding the DLC.

    These people need to grow up and have some respect.

    • Dominicriccardo

       Lol. They let them test it to see if there would be any bugs, and just as a kind of reward. It would be stupid to think you could let them play it without saying anything. Besides, all they said were things we already knew. You sound a bit jealous tbh. I think you’re the one who needs to grow up l0l

  • guest

    the way that gargoyle charges at him at 4:20 is sick….btw are gargoyles supposed to be stone or something during the day??  

  • Tom

    Mate I think Bethesda knew it was unavoidable in the long run anyway so just get over it.

  • Ow_my_head

    if I become a vampire lord in skyrim before I join the companions will I be cured when I join them?