Cancellation of Dungeon Defenders for PS Vita

Those of you who were expecting to see Dungeon Defenders on the PS Vita sometime in the near future will not be pleased to know that the project has been axed, and Trendy Entertainment are concentrating on other tasks. When asked about the Vita platform being an ideal home for the game their response was they have shelved the idea and “diverted those resources to other pursuits.”

The studio acknowledge that Dungeon Defenders was one of the big games shown when the PS Vita was touted as the next generation portable, and even they would love to experience it on the handheld, but they have other plans at the moment. Reporting this CVG are eager to find out what these other projects may be although Trendy Entertainment has not let on what is in store, although the company state that it will be worth the wait.

Some gamers feel let down by this news as Dungeon Defenders could be another great addition to the Vita and they were expecting this to become an eventuality due to an early tech demo of this, which seemed a likely game on this platform. Maybe the option to play this on phones, tablets, and PCs is enough for the studio to feel that there is no point spending money on bring this to the Vita. This announcement is a shame for those anticipating the game, as there has been nothing informing that this would not come out up until now, and this would be a great title to add to the lack of quality games on the handheld.

Staying on the subject of Dungeon Defenders at the beginning of the year, we looked at the review scores for this title on the PlayStation Network and some high scores were awarded, giving us reason to believe this would be an ideal game for the PS Vita. Would you get Dungeon Defenders if it were available? Do think Sony needs games like this to add to their Vita library?

  • Kenny Stubbs

    I was really disappointed to hear this. Especially after they showed it running on the Vita last year.