Concern for Resident Evil 6 campaigns

Whenever a new game is announced and the first load of details get announced there is often a fear that the title will be a fail, and some gamers seem to have this very same concern for Resident Evil 6. The worry is not that great but there could be a few issues when it comes to these new campaigns, as they are very different to what we have been used to in the past.

When the first Resident Evil was released back in 1996 on the PlayStation things were pretty tough for the player because they had limited ammo and you walked around an eerie building, we’re never getting those days back and had to change in order to fulfill gamers needs.

The franchise changed some time back and as a result has suffered for it, so Resident Evil 6 will try to reignite our love affair once more with the series. A concern has been raised because Capcom might be trying to put too much into the game, which could mean that there will be less focus.

There are three parts to this game and trying to focus on each of these will be a tough job because they’re trying to do different things with each of these campaigns. If the developers gets this right then happy days, but if separating these into three campaigns instead of stories does not work the way Capcom hopes then it could fail in a bad way.

In these campaigns they will feature 6 main characters, all of which have been revealed in our previous post. Will Capcom be able to get this right?

  • Andrew C.

    If capcom wants to make things right give us old survival horror fans who have been forgotten about Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 reboot with ps3 graphics just like REmake for GameCube

  • Dave

    I think we should all just wait and see because writing all these articles about a game we have not seen yet besides a few demos doesn’t accomplish anything. But they have 600 people working on this game which allows them to accomplish more. I know they bumped up the date a month and a half but they had a reason for doing so.