Encouraging PS Vita purchases with free PS3 version

A recent online survey by Sony has given them reason to consider encouraging PS Vita game purchases with a free PlayStation 3 version of the title for PS Plus subscribers. This idea is something that will not only benefit both console owners but may even give people more reason to buy a Vita.

Not much information has been divulged by Sony although they acknowledge the opportunity this would give them to boost sales of the PS Vita, and Geek.com report on some of the potential new changes involving the PS Plus subscription service that is being updated. At E3 Sony announced this service making its way to the PlayStation Vita and apparently, they have some new ideas on cross-play that could also be advantageous to encourage more PS Plus subscriptions as well as Vita sales.

The downside to this idea is that this offer only applies to games bought from the PlayStation Store, and this could add to the price, especially if they are charging over $60 for a PS3 game or vice versa and you know somewhere else does the same title for under half that. New figures in Japan show that the Vita is gathering momentum as sales are up 77% due to new releases, and PocketGamer document it outselling the PSP for the first time in five months.

It seems that Sony’s laid-back stance over the handheld’s poor launch and low sales is starting to show signs that they expected the PS Vita to pick up after a while. These figures are reassuring for the company and with yesterday’s release of Persona 4 The Golden in Japan and Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection coming out over there at the end of the month the sales of the handheld are bound to increase.

We know that games are what will assist the Vita and only yesterday we wrote a post on the indication Gran Turismo could be on the horizon for the PS Vita due to another online survey, this time by a reader. The outcome of this showed that there is plenty of interest surrounding a game like this to be released on the handheld.

In relation to this, we thought it would be good to mention an article before about six games expected to help unit sales, referring to Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Gravity Rush, GTA and Monster Hunter. Do you feel that Sony is now starting to come up with some worthwhile ideas? Maybe you just want to see more games overall.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.w.whiteley Adam Witmonster Whiteley

    i cant stress enough, those who dont own a vita and are dabbling with the idea of getting, dont hesitate, if its what u want, they wont let you down, in the game department anyway, wich they primarily are made for. the browser, among other parts of software need a tweek hear and there, but game wise, there really is no handheld like it 

  • Lil_daxy7

    As a early adaptor, I will say if u are still on the fence about getting vita then stay on the fence. Wait until promised features are released ex. Remote play or until price drops. The games suck, my vita is gathering dust. Ps can’t wait for dist 514.

    • http://www.facebook.com/adam.w.whiteley Adam Witmonster Whiteley

      the games far from suck, maybe you just cant play them

    • iby

       are you joking, the games are brilliant!! mortal combat, fifa, mod nation racers, gravity rush and many more

      • Stuart

        Totally agree! The games are awesome. There just needs to be more of them! Buy one now if you don’t have it already. You may be waiting forever for a price drop otherwise. Remember it’s taken 5 or 6 years for the PS3 to drop to the price it’s at now. Compare the vita’s price to an iPad and it’s almost half the price. It’s not as expensive as some people think.

  • Lil_daxy7

    Dust 514

    • Stuart

      If Dust 514 is released on Vita and works with the PS3 and pc (like the ps3 version will do) that would be awesome. I think I’d be glued to the vita!

  • Fifth_muskateer

    So if you bought Metal Gear Solid HD on ps3 which contains Peace Walker ect..will you get Peace Walker on Vita for free aswell?! Bit of a con if you don’t!