Feedback innovates Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Whenever a new NFS game is launched it’s filled with so much anticipation and hype, and for good reason, but last year’s The Run was considered a bit of a letdown and for that reason received some very low scores. It was all too obvious that fans of this franchise would offer their advice about what was wrong with the game, so it’s nice to know this feedback will help to innovate Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

In a recent interview the president of EA Labels has said that he does not want a repeat of the poor scores from the previous game so will be trying something different, don’t expect linear moments along with action mixed in this time round. It’s hard to believe him when he says the developer is trying to innovate Most Wanted when you consider that they said the same thing during the developing process of Need for Speed: The Run.

It’s good that Criterion has not taken the negative views of the previous game to heart and will use this to make Most Wanted even better than before, but we have to ask ourselves how they will achieve this? We need to get this into context a little because while NFS: The Run bombed with the critics it wasn’t as bad as all that, yes there were a few issues with the plot and the stages not being long enough, but it was far from a failure.

There will be some gamers out there who will be starting to grow tired of a yearly Need for Speed title and believes that the franchise needs to take a break, but from what was seen during E3 2012 there could be something to get excited about – could NFS truly be back on top form or are we getting ahead of ourselves once again?