Grand Theft Auto montage touts GTA 5 character

It’s been more then seven months since Rockstar released the first trailer for GTA V and it’s hoped that the second trailer will be with us shortly. Now we know that GamesCom is coming up in two months but fans will not want to wait that long. There is so much we don’t yet know, such as what the story is about, how big the map is and who the main GTA 5 character will be, but it’s been suggested that we could learn this information with the Grand Theft Auto montage that we have for you below.

In the montage Patrick Brown touts that the protagonist could be somewhere in his montage, but the only problem is – there are ten guys to choose from so who is it to be? Ignore the lady that’s just Vic’s girl. While we cannot remember all the guys in the montage we believe they are CJ, Claud, Huang, Johhny, Luis, Niko and Tommy, Tini and Vic.

We do love how all the guys are together trying to have a good time while a PS3 is being played – nice touch for the PlayStation 3 fans out there. GTA 5 will be the biggest from the series yet and we can expect a huge character list, not only from the main protagonist but also those who will be important to the story. It’s hoped that these NPCs will have a more important role this time, and that pedestrians will react differently when you confront them.

While it’s nice to think that we can see our main protagonist from the montage above it wouldn’t be a huge stretch for Rockstar to bring in a new character. It’s already assumed that the guy will be in his 50s and had a questionable background, but then again the guy seen in the video might not be the one talking over the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer.

  • Newman1

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        • Fuckyou

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    • Mattress Stain

      As a gamer, this is bullshit! As far as Syria goes, you should be watching Fox News.

      • Blubber

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    • realkilladealrecords

       syria as in the county lol can you not see this is a website about games dumb arse

  • Beans

    It’s the guy on the far right. He was in the trailer and was positioned in a similar way. I see Toni, Claud, CJ, Niko, Vic, Johnny, Luis, Huang and Tommy. The girl was in VC Stories. That just leaves the guy who looks identical to the man from the trailer.

    • Rashawn Cobourne

      that guy looks a bit like max payne to me. idk just sayin. in max payne 3 max wore something like that in the first mission i think and he always drinking.

  • gta fan

    who is the guy at the very back wearing the green jacket?

    • Theophilusaheneakwa

      huang lee

    • the masked middle finger

      he’s from the DS game chinatown wars.

  • Guest for GTA

    no ur the guy under CJ in the green. he was being chaced by the cops and was driveing most of the time in the trailer

    • Munkeymomo

      Victor from VCS? Doubt it.

      • don guest

        victor vance dies in the beginning of vice city… 

  • Halio

    It’s so obvious who everyone is in the pic….

  • C Newark

    did anyone else notice that niko was playin gta 5 as the case for the game was next to the tv ???

    • Chris

      Pretty sure it’s GTA IV…

      • Jaranda568

        its gta 5, zoom in and you will see a “v” shape.

    • Jaranda568

      i did

  • Joe Monco

    Game is vaporware. Welcome to the new Duke Nukem Forever.

  • Courtney Runnels2

    I wish Cj, Woozie, Cesar, Sweet, Kendl, Tommy Vercetti, Claude, Niko, Packie, & Luiswould come back on GTA 5. They need jetpacks and bicycles too.

  • MusiicMan

    It’s been more then seven months? should it not be than?

    • Courtney Runnels

       Rockstar needs to make up their mind and decide if the new GTA V is going to be release this year or not.

      • ryana

        They have….moron.

        • Courtney Runnels

           I’m not a moron, okay? Everyone is still debating what the release date should be.

      • Keatondaruler

        they have made up their mind but we are the ones that are guessing away at it

        • Courtney Runnels

           Oh. I see. It’s just everyone is still debating about the release date.

    • Jafooli

      The guy below didn’t understand your comment

    • Chris

      Let’s just face it, the internet is retarded and can’t tell the difference between then and than. Someone once tried to attack my intelligence after saying I’m smarter than 95% percent of the world population by saying “you spelled then wrong.” -.- Another guy said that only dumb people brag about being smart! How does that even work? :S 

  • Ryda

    In GTA V I want to get my guy tattoo’s, Clothes and Haircuts but seeing as we play as this old guy who is in his mid 50’s but to think of pimping this guy out would be a complete utter joke. I just wanted to get my guy the looks but I can’t see this guy being a cool person in the GTA Franchise.

    • Chris

      I can, he’d be a badass! Tattoos don’t make people look cool, they look like jokes! A good protagonist is a protagonist who can wear a suit and has brains. Dumb protagonists are boring.

      • Rashawn Cobourne

        umm no. noone runs from cops, hijacks cars, swims and workouts in a suit. this aint james bond. protagonist should be as customizable as CJ was. if u want tattoos u can get tattoos, if u want to wear a suit u have the option of wearing a suit. thats what made cj the perfect protaginist. he went from gangsta to a business man.or brolic to a fatass. a young mid 20 year old man in his prime is more realistic than a late 40 year old man. 45 year old men cant do the things that are required from gta characters. only ezio and solid snake can pull it of.

    • BeastModeON

      Franklin is the main character, he’s the black guy. mid 20’s!!

  • FREE TIBET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FREE TIBET!!!!!!!!


    I recognize everyone except the far right, far left, and the guy arm wrestling with Vic. Btw, isn’t Vic dead?

    • DTHCND

      Actually, ya. The guy arm wrestling is Johnny. So I hat don’t know far left and far right.

      • Migz

        the far right is the predicted protag in gta v, the one in the farleft is Toni Cipriani from LCS

  • Luigi

    looks like there drinking tobasco sauce

  • whats up

    where did this picture come from?

    • Jaranda568

      rockstar made it

      • Gamesjournalismlols

        It’s fan made.

  • Ngmadnill

    They are all previous characters from the series o.O

  • Gta nut

    The guy stood on the far right with his hand on the sofa is the guy from the gta 5 trailer
    If you dont recognize every character here, your not a true gta fan

    • Jaranda568

      indeed friend. anyone could have told he was a stand out.

    • Guest

      Thats right, listen to him hes RIGHT ! But really who is guy at outside whit green jacket ? Is he at gta 1, gta 2 or gta london ? not at chinatown wars because guy its white.

  • Courtney Runnels

    I am wrong about everything

  • cazzer14

    This is the worst article I have seen in a while, they need to replace the monkeys who type things.

  • Bobbyrubino

    Thats not Vics girl, thats Luis’s girl!!!

  • James

    Are all of these gonna be in Gta 5?

    • Jimi Rintala

      who knows…

  • Gamesjournalismlols

    This is some article. Anything for hits, right, game journos?

  • Jimi Rintala

    Who is dude at outside?

  • Jimi Rintala

    Toni Cipriani and the gta 5 guy looks like same,a bit