MW3 June DLC, particulars in 3 days

There are just 3 days to go until the particulars for MW3 June DLC are shared with us, and just one day later Call of Duty Elite subscribers with an Xbox 360 will be able to get down and dirty with the new content. Not much is known in regards to this DLC, but we do know that there will be a new mission, map and another piece of classified content.

As yet we have no idea when PC and PS3 users will be getting the content, and we can’t guarantee that Activision will share this news with us on Monday – but we can only hope.

In the past we have known well in advance about what the particulars of a DLC will include but this time things are very different, it’s thought that maybe Activision has taken these steps so fans do not try to contact them saying how disappointed they are with the upcoming content? However, this will not stop this issue from happening once this information is shared because those PS3 and PC user will still have about a month to complain if they’re not happy.

There is one concern from a few Modern Warfare 3 fans, it seems as though these new DLCs are getting later each month, so it won’t be long before the content is a complete month behind. Proof of this is if you look at the DLC calendar, it said that we should have had 4 maps last month

What do you expect from this new content and do you feel Activision is now starting to fall behind with these DLC drops?

  • Bro2ace

    I dont under stand why eilte members on ps3 where told be for it stsrted that Xbox snd PS3
    eilte would get the maps at same time they lies. So bo2 only zombies. Will be playef but I ant ruching out to get it as the eay one thing and do an other

    • Guest


    • Jeffrow2112

      What the hell are you talking about. Holy crap get a dictionary or and iPhone. iPhone might smart spell the wrong word for you but at lease it will be a word.

  • just some dude

    It’s ironic that you used a pic that looks alot like rust (winky face) .

  • Guy Typing

    What’s with the Fuel screenshot? Use a MW3 map lol!

  • Benb564

    Shipment and Rust have already been confirmed, they will be FREE face off maps for everyone! 

    • Vsdfwqa

      Link or bs

    • Jackandlulu

      They arent confirmed, it was just a community suggestion