Price of PS3 lineup innovation comes with risks

During E3 Sony showed off what looks to be a very impressive lineup but what many of us see as an innovation Sony believes that these titles do come with risks with titles like The Last of US and Beyond, but then isn’t this always the case with new IPs? We have seen in the past when a new or rebooted IP is released and receives less than a warm reception, but this is the game they play and these risks have to be taken.

In a recent interview Sony’s Scott Rohde said that it would been a much safer bet to stick with the Uncharted franchise, but this isn’t how Naughty Dog work and loves to offer 3 games in a franchise before coming up with a new one, which we all know is The Last of Us.

The biggest risk with this new game is the fact that Naughty Dog is taking such a big risk to introduce a new franchise when the PS3 is nearing the end of its cycle, but then if the title is successful then there could be a positive outcome when bringing out The Last of Us 2 for the PS4?

Sony says that they’re all about innovation and in order to achieve this risks have to be taken, but do you think they should be taken when the PlayStation 3 could soon be replaced by the PlayStation 4?

Having said that we do not know when the PS4 will be replaced, there are rumors of a late 2013 release, but that’s all they are rumors. It’s also been suggested that Sony could release a true PS3 Slim during GanesCom, do you believe this will happen?