Fans react to new Halo 4 Sniper Rifle

Whenever a new version of a game is being developed there are always certain aspects of its predecessor that make it to the new version, with weapons being an obvious choice. This is the same with Halo 4 because the Sniper Rifle is back and looks like it’s been on steroids, as it’s now bulked out a little.

This weapon was only going to make a showing in Halo 4 because the fans loved it so much, and while many aspects of it has remained the same, such as x2 zoom, 4 rounds per clip and also being awesome at head kills 343i knew that some changes needed to be made, so what better way to make it different than build it bigger than before?

It will come as no surprise that fans will react differently to this new version of the Sniper Rifle, the obvious negative will be the same with many of the other weapons from the Halo series, and that’s taking up too much of the screen, but you have to have some sort of trade off when dealing with such a powerful weapon like this.

When watching the video below you can just get a taste of how meaty this weapon is just by its sound, but there is a huge downside according to a friend who has seen the footage and that’s the fact that there is no recoil. Then again we have to remember that they are superhuman, so there will not be any recoil would there?


  • Schmaylor

    Looks good… takes up a lot of the screen but I guess that’s the price to pay for such a powerful weapon. I was never a real sniper fan though. Shotgun is for me.

  • Jacksonzagamikeenan

    The sniper rifle looks good i cant see why there should be any negative comments about it as long as it does its job im fine

  • noober suckston

    looks awesome!

  • TehKeyboardWarriorLololol

    I’m looking forward to the specialisation that puts a motion tracker in the scope! 😀 sniping will be a hell of a lot easier now.

  • Jacksonzagamikeenan

    Sniping has never been difficult but i see wat you mean

  • Todd Darcie

    you dont need to “nerf” or “balance” the sniper by making it giant and stupid sounding, its not like you can choose to start with it. You have to fight to get it so it should be a powerful force on the battlefield. 

  • Justin

    Bulky or not…. Who tries to purposely run around the map no scoping people? The size shouldn’t matter, as long as nothing interferes with aiming down the scope, then whatever. Sure no scoping might be a tad harder but the gun isn’t made for that anyways. Think of bragging rights whn you do pull it off though

    • Gerrod

      Its easier or harder depending on who ur going up against and where, its really easy to use it on Elites in Reach, but spartans are smaller, make quicker movements, and most importantly, have smaller heads. You feel pro when you do pull it off thought, specially when you dont waste any of the precious bullets in the clip.