Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone sword, dagger, bow, and more

With Skyrim Dawnguard still in beta and the final release not due until June 26th on the Xbox 360 and a further month later for PC and PS3 users, whatever we see in this new DLC could change a little, but at least we now have a good idea of what to expect. We have already shared details with you in regards to the Vampire Lord and Werewolf Perk Trees, and now with have some information on some of the Dragonbone weapons, such as the sword, dagger, bow, and more.

We had already mentioned that as a Vampire Hunter you will be at a disadvantage when compared to the powers that the Vampire Lord has, but you still have a range of abilities to hand along with those impressive and powerful Dragonbone weapons, so in order to craft them make sure when on your travels you pick up the Dragonbone material.

The first weapon of choice is always the sword because of how great it is in close-quarter combat. The damage is 81, weight 19 and its value is 1500. The Dragonbone Mace has 92 damage, weighs 22 and has a value of 2200. The Dragonbone Greatsword has a damage of 38, a weight of 27 and a value of 2725. The Dragonbone Battleaxe can inflict a damage of 39, weighs 30 and a value of 3000.

The Dragonbone Dagger has a damage of 132, weighs 20 and has a value of 2725. Finally there is the Dragonbone Bow, its damage is 132, weight 20 and has a value of 2725. Details on what materials are needed can be found here.

Once Skyrim Dawnguard DLC goes live just remember to choose your faction carefully, as they both have their positive and negatives sides.

  • Mshmargy

    Fail weapon stats, you didnt put them in base damage.

  • John Dillinger

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  • Dave! yognaut

    Those aren’t the base weapon stats. The real values will probably be just below Daedric if it follows the same pattern as the Armor.

    • Professorpenquin

      In an interview, Bethesda said that the dragon bone weapons would be slightly stronger than daedric, unlike the armor

  • Ste

    Dragon bone weapons have already been modded into the game. In fact, they look stunning. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pump their ideas from th modding community for their weapons designs.

  • Roy

    Obviously whoever gave you those stats has a very low 2H skill….

  • Sam

    well i believe those weapon  stats are probably wrong. dagger-132 great-sword-38. Those are definately not base damage

  • GokuNessMagusLink

    Any weapon can be boosted to any damage you want (this game is really easy to become a god in even without cheating just by using their perk trees the right way. alchemy,enchanting,smithing combo) so these weapon stats mean absolutely nothing to me.

  • Coolguy65

    sure you can become a god but it just ruins the point cause you will just run through the dlc and not enjoy it at all if you use a billion damage weapons or whatever :/

  • Anthony Buccaroni

    What I want to know is that all this amazing content has been revealed for if you side with the vampires, yet all that’s revealed to be gained from joining the Dawnguard is crossbows (which you can probably steal from the Dawnguard as a vampire) and Armored Trolls, no special powers or anything else that could compare to the powers of becoming a vampire lord. Maybe if there was some awesome, divine light powers or something to balance out the incredible dark powers of being a vampire lord I’d be more interested about playing through both sides.