Biased Assassin’s Creed 3 marketing campaign

Having already discussed how Assassin’s Creed 3 will not gloss over certain aspects of the American Revolution, it’s been noted that from what we have seen from the game so far nothing has shown the colonists in a bad light – but what video game has ever shown Americans in nothing but a positive way? Okay, so we all know that the British were the invading force, but then you have to remember that America was part of the British Empire.

We don’t want to go into a history lesson here and tell you what had happened back in the last half of the 18th century, but terrible things was being done by both sides – so why have we yet to see Connor attack any colonists? There could be so many reasons for this, but it’s been suggested that this is just a biased marketing campaign because the American gamers will not be able to handle the footage – surely this cannot be true?

Looking from the outside you would think that Ubisoft has already pledged their allegiance to which country they are siding with in the game, but then this would go against what they have said in the past by not wanting to gloss over pivotal moments in this part of American history. It’s sad to know that the footage we have seen so far paints the British in a bad light – yes they did some terrible things – but to make the game more believable blood has to be shed from both sides.

The most confusing thing for us is how Francois Pelland, the producer of Assassin’s Creed 3 said that the game will be showing the fight from both sides, and we know that Connor has said that he doesn’t pick sides either. This may be true in the game itself but the footage of what we have seen so far tells a different story, which leads us to believe that it’s all part of the marketing campaign, because Americans do not want to see Americans being killed. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Fire Of Roxas

    Shut Up

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      That’s what she said.

  • Stop.

    Ridiculous article.
    Stop posting.

  • Aaron

    Seriously wtf “the footage we have seen so far” yeah thats about 15 minutes of game time. did you consider the 20 something other hours of gameplay. Jesus you lot are so judgemental. ubisoft confirmed that you wouldnt be just fighting british but colonists and native americans. its not about the revolution its about Assassins vs Templars. This article is complete bullshit.

    • the masked middle finger

      We’ve had a reveal trailer, a world gameplay trailer and 3 seperate demos (marketplace, frontier, naval warfare), and they haven’t shown one American be killed.

      The article says that ubisoft says we’d fight both, the point of the article is that everything we’ve seen in the MARKETING (not the game), so far has been pro American.

  • Mattfrost

    Looks Pro American to me. So many English guys getting murdered, not a single American gets hit. I will wait for the game to come out and get the fans opinion before I buy. But I do not know why they seem so anti British….but it is a French Company

  • Richardtollerton99

    It has been reported he is not on any side, it’s just he is killing the enemy that are against him whatever side they are on, and mattfrost plenty of Americans are going to be killed I’m British and I love the idea and I am a fan. Please don’t look this far in to a game that has only had 15 minuets of footage showed that was taking place in the later part of the game, after you attack Americans 

  • Marksween1

    as long as theres blood spilt on both sides and they stick to wat they say then fair enough.. dont want to be killing me own country men all the time would ruin the game for a lot of brits…

    • Sploodge-god

      Yeahh because killing imaginary images on a screen that look british is so awful, fag..

  • Jonny Rimes

    I hope the developers make the game historically accurate and resist the ‘US vs Britain’ fantasy that most Americans are taught.

    Historically it should be British colonialists, British army, Germans and various native tribes fighting other British colonialists, French, Spanish, Dutch and other native tribes.

    There was no ‘American’ at this time.

  • Aza42

    well brittish don’t want to see brittish die but it’s still happening isn’t it

  • Firsou

    1 – It’s Connor, not Conner. 2 – Ubisoft has not shown any footage of murdering colonists for now because most of those parts are full of spoilers. It’s a video game for god’s sake, stop shouting that Ubisoft is praising the Americans.

  • Peter parker

    I heard that Connor is just going after Templars and not picking sides, because in the demo he said something like ” Im only here for the Templars “

    • Glp

      He also said that the Americans were fighting for freedom, but then he asked “Freedom for whom?”

  • Shivmalhotra1997

    Simple fact – if you don’t like it, don’t play it

  • Errentos

    well for one thing, Conner is a Mohawk Indian, and the Mohawk tribe actually fought on the side of the British….

    • Redarcher

      I thought that too, logically conner should be fighting the Americans.

  • Drewtanner55

    I couldn’t care less who he is taking down as long as they are templars. I am an American and I hope that if he has to kill an American or a Britt it’s for the greater good of the Assassins and the rest of the world. I hope that’s how other gamers can look at it.

  • Phuturephillied

    I really don’t care.  Look I’m way more interested in the story rather than who he is killing.  I couldn’t care less if he was killing an American or a British templar.  Truthfully it really shouldn’t matter if he is killing british men or american men.  Just because they haven’t showed any footage of connor killing american’s doesn’t give us the right to say they’re biased or that we wont be able to kill americans.  They let us kill random civilians in the previous games so i’m sure that they will let us kill americans as well as british.  everyone need to relax and wait for more game play or until the game comes out. 

    • Awexlash

      You got penalized for killing civilliqns by getting desynchronized in past games.

  • CareLess

    I’d like to point out that if we had seen americans being killed i wouldn’t be complaining about it, but that’s just me i guess

  • Jarred

    “let the patriots fight their own battles…” clearly he’s not hung up on being buddies with the colonists. so what if ubisoft has only shown him fighting the british? if they say that he kills templars on both sides, then we just have to take their word for it. and honestly who cares? it’s assassin’s creed, the game is going to be phenomenal anyways :)

  • Bluebeetle98

    I think that you are looking too much into this. I do not understand, for the life of me, why peopel are getting so riled up about this. This is just a video game and just because they show us some things early on, doesn’t mean that that is what it is. People didn’t have a problem killing muslims, chrstians, and italians in the past AC games, so why is this different? Please someone, explain to me, I am so confused.

    • the masked middle finger

      people aren’t upset that Brits are getting killed, we’re upset because the developers won’t give us a straight answer. Are the Brits the only baddies? They so no, but they won’t show any Americans getting killed by Connor.

  • Gatormatta

    OR MAYBE the colonial targets are huge and would spoil the games story line rember the british army was huge compared to the colonial force.

  • Alidarthvader

    Think about the Russians; they are always made the enemy is Call Of Duty and Battlefield but they aren’t getting all upset. If you really cannot handle it and get upset about it then just don’t buy the game. Simple as.

    • the masked middle finger

      We’re not upset over us Brits being bad guys, we’re upset that Ubisoft is saying “you’ll kill both” and only showing British soldiers getting killed by Connor.

      If we can only kill Brits, don’t lie, just say so, and I won’t care. But don’t say “you’ll kill both” then launch a marketing campaign where only redcoats get killed.

      • Sploodge-god


        • the masked middle finger


      • JC

        Somehow I very much doubt that you (and the others with similar posts) “won’t care.” You’ve made it very clear that you don’t like seeing British soldiers as the bad guys, and said nothing that indicates that it would be any better if it were explained in a different way.

        Here’s a novel idea: maybe instead of complaining on the internet, you should lobby some British studios to make games where the British soldiers are the good guys, then let the market decide which games are better/more popular.

        • Guest

           Then the yanks wouldn’t get it as they “LOVE” their country sooo much

  • Brandondaprodigy

    even if ubisoft are lying, as long as i can kill colonists too during free roam without getting penalized like “connor did not kill colonists” then im cool with it

  • Sploodge-god

    Moronic report, I am sure I saw colonists being killed in the e3 preview in one of the cities..

    • the masked middle finger

      I watched all 3 and I saw no conolists be killed… check again.

    • guest

      wrong. i tell you. there is NO footage of  patriot being killed

  • GuerrilaChimp

    Interesting to note that if the situations were reversed and it was only Americans getting killed in that video most of the people who are having a go at these people here for saying it is a biased marketing campaign (Americans) would be having a massive wine about it themselves because you’re so undeservedly patriotic. The British werent the bad guys, the American’s were by no means good, and all that talk about equality and liberty the Americans were supposedly upholding is nonsense. 

    • Awexlash

      But it’s not like the British are free of guilt either. Taking away a person’s right to vote is the reason almost every revolution or social movement in history happened.

      • Jkjkjkj

        Erm.. America has less freedom now because it is the power of the corporations so basically they have less freedom now than they did even under British rule… yet a revolution hasn’t occurred..?

  • DongSweat

    You’d have to expect the marketing to be biased because Americans arguably comprise the largest chunk of people-who-play-games; or at the very least, they are the most likely to play Assassin’s Creed 3. Ubisoft is simply playing it smart by appealing to American gamers. What would REALLY be nice, however, is 2 marketing campaigns; the pro-American campaign to be shown in America/Canada, and another more realistic/balanced showing of the game for Europe and Asia. Hell, anybody else remember that cover of Time when every other country was up in revolution, and yet the American cover was some b/s about headaches? Americans need to be sheltered. Most of us can’t handle anything that isn’t consistent with our government’s indoctrinations. Bottom line: Yes, Ubisoft is being clear-as-day biased, but only out of necessity to appeal to America. Still, it would be nice to see a leaked trailer or something showing Connor assassinating a Continental Templar.

    • guest

      basically, ur saying americans are so closed minded to things occuring outside their boarders? they can’t handle reality? america, asia, europe and Canada you said……. africa too perhaps? that comment above yours is mine. i am a huge AC fan the way you can never realize. but i’m nigerian, or simply african as u’d put it or just black. yes it is true as u sed. americans need to be covered, and sheltered, because reality is too much for u guys. i’m sure ac3’s marketting campaign so far helps each of you sleep just a little bit better each night. but its a game again not reality

      • Awexlash

        How is this relevant?

      • Kipperslipper

        Lovely little subtle dig there, implying that talking generally about Africa, and not naming every single country within the continent is in fact racism/ignorance. You need to grow up. No one was offended at the use of the word ‘Europe’ to refer to the British or Spanish.

    • Drewtanner55

      Most of my friends on my online gaming console who play assassin’s creed are Britts or Canadians and one is from Australia. None of my American friends or even my real home town friends play and like Assassin’s creed. That’s the horrible truth. No one in my area likes it. The Britts I’ve played with usually have the whole series and love ’em.

  • guest

    you are right. yes connor is an Assassin, he’s after the Templar, and ubisoft has also said that they are not taking sides………. but still!!!! all footage, promotional art and screenshots have shown connor killing redcoats. seems like we wont see connor kill patriots till we get the game and that can only mean one thing, it’s all part of the marketing campaign 

  • Patmac693

    Has anyone considered the possibility that by the time Connor gets around to killing Americans, serious story points will have happen and showing these 5 months before release could spoil the game.
    Or how the guards in the cities were redcoats because they were the ones in power?
    Think of it this way… Connor is not killing redcoats. He is killing Templars. He isn’t on the side of the patriots. He is on the side of the assassins. The game takes place before during and after the revolution. So if every one would stop worrying about the colour of the jacket and more about the man wearing it.

  • Patmac693

    However… If you still wanna see a patriot die, check the assassins creed liberation trailer. Many patriots are killed in that trailer if I am not mistaken.

  • Jmdevil33

    Think about this. All of the prominent English figures aren’t very well known, at least in America. (History is written by the victor). But almost every American of importance is known and respected. Ubisoft has confirmed that all the Templars are real people. Therefore, the Templars on the American side will be popular figures who most people associate with freedom and justice. When their identities are revealed it is sure to be a big spoiler. As an example, there is a good chance that one George Washington is a Templar. He was a member of the Freemasons, who in the AC world were started by the Templars. Ubi can’t just hand out spoilers like that.

  • jason roland

    this game should be banned in the eu its racist to all decendands of the british redcoats

    • Drewtanner55

      I don’t think that Ubisoft is attacking Brits. Especially modern decendants. This was almost 300 years ago. Society in these countries has changed and we are all allies now. Plus the main assassin (Connor) is half British. It’s like Ezio killing fellow Italians almost.

      • Kipperslipper91

        236 years ago

  • mattfrost

    This sucks balls. Please Ubisoft show us one clip, with the Asassin killing someone other than the English soldiers. I am English and will only buy this game it is fair to the history it is representing. Lets not have the ENglish as the bad guys and the Americans as the Hero

    • Reefer_Inferno

      actually, there was a 50 second trailer which for a split second showed americans getting killed, it’s not much I know but it is something

  • Dannyflibble

    I am English and really don’t care about watching English people get killed. When I kill people in games I don’t care about what race they are. I kill them because the game tells me to, not because I dislike their country of origin.