GPU for Xbox 720 release timeframe

If we keep hearing repetitive rumors about the graphics hardware for Xbox 720 then this alone is a good guide for its release date, which couldn’t be more important for the Next Xbox considering this graphics power has to last several years.

We have seen a number of gamers trying to predict the release of Xbox 720 around GPU rumors, and also aiming to guess the hardware the next-generation console would have depending on its release in 2012 or 2013.

Some of these predictions were confirmed in a massive Xbox 720 specs leak that came thanks to a 56-page document found here, although there’s no confirmation that this is real unless it gets taken down within the next few days that is, which would then be partial confirmation of its authenticity.

The report gives minor details on the Xbox 720 GPU, which is said to be a “1GHz ATI GPU” and others specs include a 2GHz 6-8 core ARM/x86 CPU, Kinect V2, Blu-ray support, HDMI with 3D, 802.11n WiFi, USB 3.0, 4GB of memory, and interestingly it looks like backwards compatibility will come from the inclusion of an additional CPU that is currently in the Xbox 360.

This report suggests an Xbox 720 release date towards the end of next year, although the system will also get some new Kinect glasses with Augmented Reality that should arrive a year after launch. This is included under the section “The Road to Fortaleza“, which would expand the Xbox 720 potential.

Would you be happy with an Xbox 720 packing these features? It’s worth pointing out that this document could change dramatically before the new Xbox releases. Have a look at the doc via the above link and let us know what you think of these specs. You might also want to read about how EA could revive games on the Xbox 720 when it finally releases.

  • Josh Gordon

    We do not need next gen consoles in 2013 repeat we do not need next gen consoles in 2013… If u release it then ur going to ruin the industry 

    • Vermillions

      Please, dont get stuck in the stone ages. Its been several years since an upgrade. Just because

      • Josh Gordon

         I agree with you but we will have a repeat of this gen.. This could be good for microsoft but there are still many AAA games that are to be released this generation. Mainly ps3 exclusives 2bh but still a few 3rd party games

    • Anon

      what are you talking about? the current generation is 7 year old, so much has happened technologically since the release of this gen’s consoles