GTA 5 a threat to COD sales

We keep hearing how giving Grand Theft Auto 5 a release date in October would cause problems considering Call of Duty is releasing around this time, and this could be one reason why GTA 5 might release next year instead. It is the view of some gamers that GTA 5 is the real threat and it could be Black Ops 2 that loses sales if both games launch around the same time.

Call of Duty games release every year and some people feel this means less care is taken in development than with titles that take a few years to create, which GTA 5 is one of these titles along with Skyrim. While GTA and COD are very different games it is fair to say that gamers only have so much time to spending playing, and this normally means focusing on one game for several weeks.

COD Black Ops 2 is likely be a massive success in terms of sales compared to other games, although it’s our opinion that Black Ops 2 has more to lose than GTA 5 if they both launch around the same time.

Thanks to playing COD games every year it can get a little repetitive and while Black Ops 2 will feature zombies, well worth buying the game for this alone, it is the Grand Theft Auto franchise that we look forward to most like many gamers. If Rockstar launched a GTA game every year then things might have been a little different.

Do you think Grand Theft Auto V should launch in October, and if so is it COD that should worry about losing sales? Rockstar are not scared to release the game in October, although true GTA fans are not worried if they have to wait a few more months until 2013. You might want to look at this montage that shows all the GTA characters including what is expected for the next game.

  • Nithin Joji

    If GTA & COD release in October…..
    COD won’t get a penny.

    • Sultanahmad

      hahaha same thought here

    • Naeem_yusufi97

      Ahahahahahahaha that’s so true

      • Nathan_paja

        Rock star rules bring it October

    • Zagreb



  • Benhr

    realise it in August!

  • Monk-e

    They wont release GTA 5 any time soon, even though they’ve showed us a perfectly good promo of the game in the first trailer, yet they still say ‘we’re working on it’ or ‘we’re trying to make it perfect’
    what a load of crap
    they’re using us like we need them – more like they need us
    boycott GTA 5 (only until it comes out, then buy it)

  • Rowan Stanley

    if people are going to buy cod they will, gta wont affect it at all

    • Balls

      Yes but since a big piece of gamers are 13 year olds, their mommy may only buy them one game.


    Rockstar showed with the reveal trailer that the characters, vehicles and, more than likely, weapons are already in their final stages along with, presumably, most of the map. CoD will always get massive sales, but Rockstar seems too bothered with first week sales rather than the bigger picture. the Holiday season is the best time to release blockbuster games like GTA and I would rather play that than the same old FPS in a new wrapper. MoH: Warfighter, AC3, HALO 4 and GTA V are the only games I’m interested in.

  • Munkeymomo

    while Black Ops 2 will feature zombies, well worth buying the game for this alone”


    • Luke Joyce

      Finally, somebody else who realises zombies are a stupid, overdone fad. I don’t understand why they are so popular!

      • Ce Ce Peniston

        Finally, it has happened to me, right in front of my face, and I just cannot hide it

        • Dys

          Im so excited and i just cant hide, and i know i know i know i think i like it

  • Michaelharrison7

    Gta should be released when planned. they are to completely different games. wont effect anything and it it does it does shouldn’t change release date just to make black op sales happy.

  • Ijustknow

    GTA 5 will be released in 2014

    • Ricerd Smith

      no it wont dumbass in late 2012 or early 2013

      • Ijustknow

        you ‘liked’ your own comment you loser

      • like a boss

        it wouldint do anything between gta and cod im a cod and gta fan there both really good games

    • Benperez69

      Lol it seems like it

    • Boogyman615

      You fool, gta 5 comes out this holiday. I sa’ll the case in an electronics store.

  • ?????????????????

    Rockstar should bring it out when its ready to come out. not because they dont wanna rival any 1 else, people dont seem to understand even rockstar that if gta v comes out in october or next year it will still outsell any other game to date and for the next 12 months simple as that, some people aint as fortunate as me and cant get the game on release for what ever reason, but i guarantee that its on there wish list right at the top for when they have a spare £50

  • bob

    who cares about cod anymore there all the same, make a new game

  • ?????????????????

    what happend to the good old days when 1 game company would bring there game out to rival another? it seems to me like game companys now have no cahoonas (balls) as they worried about loosing money,i mean come on thats just pure greed you cant get anywhere in life without taking a gamble a risk its part and parcil of the game industry, they dont understand that if for example, i love gta not keen on cod but theres nothing to say i wont want cod, so does it matter if i get cod on release or 4 month l8r as they still getting my money and its another sale for there records, basically what im trying to say game companys sort your head out look at the bigger picture yeah u might not of made enough money in your 1st week, but that might and probably will even itself up over the month as more people hear about it or see it and go oooooh i want that game.

    • Steven1990

      GTA 4 is amazing it is still played today and it still has a high price considering the time its been on shelves for so why would they worry about sales in the first week, they should`nt, because i have bought GTA 4 and its Dlc in its discs form multiple times mostly because im hopless in keeping discs safe and im infamous for trading in any and every game only to want to play it again and GTA 4 is a game i never got tired of so over the time gta 4 was out i must of spent at least £100 on dlc and replacing the disc….. so i think your wrong when you say they will get there money in the next month i belive they will get it on the first day and maybe even more copies will still be purchased years later untill GTA 6 comes along…..  

  • Frenchy

    CoD games are made on a rotation by two different companies so they can be released annually whilst taking two years to develop, get your facts straight -__-

    • Nigsmnigs

      4 is still more than 2. I thought you learned that in preschool

  • Manly Man

    I miss Spyro the Dragon

    • STEVEN1990

      Then go buy SKYLANDERS!?

  • Jigen Patel

    Well I do love Call of Duty. But I don’t know how it feels for Call of Duty for losing sales and Grand Theft Auto 5, Halo 4, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is all i’m waiting for.

  • Aldwin Flanegin

    What Is The Problem Buying Both?? Ill Buy Gta5 n COD

    • Niggerman128

      >still paying for games

    • Courtney Runnels2

      You’re right. I really don’t see what the problem.

  • Mrsanchez1015

    no no no, we had to wait a dumb amount of time for the other gta Im not abotu to wait another year for this gta, forget cod, cod is a online game but gta is fun playing solo

    • Tim galloway

      i agree with u, i don’t want to wait ether, i don’t like first person shooters, they just get boring to fast and they cheat, when ur looking for someone ur already dead….

  • U.R Soul!

    GTA is such a unique and successful gaming series that I don’t foresee anybody, who is old enough to legally buy it, having any problems with waiting longer for the next one.
    As for the ‘first person shooter’ market- although some of these games are highly lucrative for their developers, they simply are not in the same league as GTA when it comes to an immersive and emotionally driven game playing experience, and as such cannot be categorised as being in direct competition with each other.
    First person shooters can be bought more on impulse than GTA games- which are more of a  planned purchase.
    It’s like buying steaks from the supermarket (first person shooters) against booking a table at the finest and probably most exclusive steak house in your country!

  • Ford

    I will still buy them both.

  • gta fan

    f**k cod bring on gta 5, i hate first person shooter games…

    • Tim galloway

      i agree with u i’m also a gta fan, and i don’t like first person shooters as well…

    • Steven1990

      I want to like this comment more…. and more……… but i do like some fps cough…. BF3 cough…. cough….


    Dear Rockstar,
    It is not like we can only buy one game from the store. If I wanted GTA and COD, I’ll get both.
    Don’t you guys dare to get punk out buy Call of Duty. I bet you, Rockstar won’t make as much as selling the game next year as of this year. Watch and see, see it next year, and that 14 million goal their are trying to reach will be about 9 or 10 millions. Because if it comes out next because of Call of Duty. I promise you, I will not be buying GTA V.


  • Jesus Tony D Gonzales

    COD is big but not bigger then GTA

    • Steven1990

      I also mwant to like this comment more…..

  • JimBob

    They better release it in this decade becuz rite now it seems like its never gonna come out. Ya they want it to be perfect but they are gonna make tons of money either way

  • punksburgh11

    Buying GTA V when it comes out. black ops 2 can wait, its not like I don’t already own five of those games. I can survive on mw3 for a while.

  • Guest

    This article is terribly written.  I would not likely navigate to this site ever again if I’m looking for information about gaming.

  • ThaFish

    The article is fine, and I do find it awesome how GTA is feared now. Even with GTA IV, less people that I knew were playing GTAs than CoDs, but times seem to be changing. It’s like the law of diminishing marginal utility; the more you have of something good, the less cherished it becomes. Rockstar seem to have found the perfect balance in keeping people interested as well as making each game a hyped-up, attention-grabbing event.

  • Constipated

    I need to poop. Oh yeah, and gta v gonna be sweet. Don’t really care when release is as long as we get a trailer #2 in the next few weeks. God damn they know how to lead you on. I’m going to poop now and then go to bed. I ate too much ice cream and I’m lactose intolerant. Now I’m going to drop the Cosby kids off at the pool.

  • Halosux

    ive never been a black ops fan and in my opinion mw2 is still better.gta 5 looks great and fans know what to expect i think that gta 5 would kill black ops in sales because all gta fans new and old know gta 5 will be MORE entertaining and last ALOT longer

  • Dusty

    They need to do black ops first week of oct. then gta5 in the midle or end of oct. 2012

  • Mm

    Ok as good as Black Ops will be lets not lie, comparing GTA5 to black ops is like comparing a Bugatti Veron to a broken unicycle. In terms of sales black ops wouldn’t stand a chance, I will continue to pray everyday for a GTA5 October release 😛

  • Rafael Vazquez

     I’m only getting GTA5. Not interested in CoD games anymore.

  • hustla6042

     ii think gta v sounds perfect for an october release date, being threaten by flop ops 2 is funny

  • Tom

    October 2012!! I very much doubt that, but it would be great.

  • Paul B

    As a legitimate 13 year old gamer, I am ashamed of other stupid 13 year olds who buy COD, a boring, idiotic, repetitive disgrace. If they got some goddamn sense, then they’d realise that any game that didn’t take at least 2 years to complete – and contains stupid zombies – is worthless. And as much as the wait for GTA V is painful, I’m sure that it will be fantastic, and any bugs will have been fixed. Long live GTA!

    • Zaparone

      he wrote ‘As a legitimate 13 year old gamer’
      how can you be a legitimate 13 year old gamer
      you’re either 13 or you’re not

      • Paul B

        A legitimate gamer who is 13. You really didn’t get that? Wow.

        • Child Hater

          hush under aged kid who shouldnt be touching M rated games legally until your 17

  • Blackcock

    I just want gta v COD is too repetitive

  • Dan Houser’s Slow Friend

    I need GTA V in 2012. I check for news like everyday (I know it’s pathetic). It’s been 4 years since the last one and COD comes out every single year. And not to mention that COD can’t even compare to GTA V. I don’t think I should even include COD in the same sentnce as GTA V (although I did….twice).  But if R* is going to release it in Oct. then they need to announce more info very soon. Like in the next week or two. Time is running out for a Oct release. It’s not like R* is going to announce its release date a month before….. or are they??

  • Dead Kele

    GTA Sucks. playing it only for a couple of hours of repetive nonsense. ill just play the old ones thanks.

  • Antgr94

    Always loved the GTA games but I rather play solo than online due to hackers and cheaters alike. Been playing the GTA series since the good old PS1 day’s. I started to play COD after GTA4 wanted to know what the hype was about. Got fed up of COD multiplayer after awhile getting killed but the same dude every 28 seconds went back to GTA again best thing I ever did. My Favorite GTA is GTA San Anderas which I played on the PS2. It’s been nearly 4 years since GTA4’s release so I think it’s about time a new game should come and move on from GTA4. GTA4 is a nice game but I find the city a little limited. Hope they release this new game soon can’t wait any longer.

  • Intelligent Shammi

    GTAV is supposed to be running on the same engine they used for Max Payne 3, so Im expecting it to look fuckin gorgeous!