Diablo 3 RMAH changes style of play

When Diablo 3 was first announced all those years ago there was so much excitement for the game, but now the game is finally out it has been marred with a number of issues, mostly because of the server issues. This would not normally have been such a big issue but because the game needs to be online in order to be played this is a much bigger problem.

Then there is the whole saga with the Diablo 3 RMAH (Real-Money Auction House), because not only has it caused issues in other countries but has also taken away the fun factor of the franchise, and in many cases changes your style of play. Previously you would be looking for loot, but now that focus has changed for many fans of the franchise because they will be thinking more about what they can sell to make some money.

An interesting article here looks at this very issue because while they went into RMAH with the intention of seeing how the new feature worked, but now it seems to have taken more of their focus up than the game itself – is this the same for you?

Being able to sell something could become addictive so some gamers are suggesting that you refrain from clicking that Auction House button. Wonder how long it will be before certain gamers become addicted to Diablo III’s RMAH and if they will soon need help to fight their addiction? Okay this is a little over the top, but it could end up being more of an issue for those who don’t have much money and try to make a quick buck, which in turn could ruin the entire gaming experience of this great franchise.

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    D2 players played to find loot to sell on various websites, sometimes illegally, in order to make a quick buck.
    Now they play to find loot to sell in the RMAH, legal and controlled.
    What is the problem? Semantics?

  • robbbbb

    The problem is paying for digitized non existants for money. It doesnt cost them a penny to spawn, dupe or move an “ULTIMATE DRAGSWORD+11” yet they 10% of the “sale” money.