EA and Wooga favor Facebook over Google Plus

With likes of Electronic Arts and Wooga, pulling games from Google Plus it seems like they are showing favor over Facebook, and this could be due to the larger audience that is available on the established Facebook social gaming site. Both games producers have commented on their choice to go with what they regard as a more productive platform, because Google Plus are not attracting enough players.

News that Wooga has decided Monster World on Google Plus will be shut down by May 1st comes as no big surprise, and EA owned studio PopCap has also stated that Bejeweled Blitz will cease to be playable on this platform. CVG report that the Google Plus service is not only short of players, but the games are performing better on Facebook according to Wooga.

Their customer care rep has mentioned that they have decided to remove specific games in favor of Facebook, mainly because of the number of people the sight attracts. PopCap are still stating that Google Plus will continue to be a valuable gaming partner even though they have decided to pull one of their games, and the publisher says that PopCap has decided to suspend Bejeweled Blitz on Google Plus so they can concentrate all of the ambitions on other adaptations of Bejeweled.

Regarding Google as a valuable gaming partner for both EA and PopCap they inform us that they are going to continue making games for this platform. Do you think the focus on one social network namely Facebook is the best way to appeal to the larger audience?