FIFA to help Medal of Honor: Warfighter against COD

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is embracing what makes FIFA so popular and appeal to nations from all over the globe rather that the US-centric Medal of Honor that has such limited campaigns in the past. This is where the likes of Call of Duty have overtaken them in popularity as British and Russian campaigns along with US ones have unveiled a rather large fanbase.

Where FIFA comes into it you may find that it will take more than David Beckham going to LA Galaxy to get America on board when it comes to soccer but the constantly improving national side and MLS has generated more interest with FIFA. Throughout the rest of the world and the big European leagues FIFA plays a big part, and you will find fans of the beautiful game in not only countries like England, Italy and Spain but also Asian, Oceanic and Scandinavian countries. Football is also a way of life for some in South American territories.

This is where IGN pick up on the relationship between FIFA and football fans allowing them to play for their favorite club team or nation from their part of the world and others. This is where Medal of Honor Warfighter is trying to entice a similar crowd with everything from the UK’s SAS and Russian Spetsnaz to the Norwegian FSK and HJK, Germany’s KSK, South Korean’s UDT/SEALs, the Polish GROM and the SASR, from Australia. Although some have been used in CoD titles, many have not, and this is the basis of their focus.

Back in March, we looked at an official teaser trailer visualizing Medal of Honor: Warfighter and some impressive reactions have come from this with some regarding it as stunning. Do you think that the focus on more international areas will help Medal of Honor: Warfighter challenge the likes of COD?