Implementation of Diablo 3 offline unlikely

Having already discussed how RMAH is now changing your Diablo 3 style of play we thought we would look a little into some gamers views that Blizzard should now make the latest game from the franchise available to play offline. While some gamers would have you believe that implementation of this would be a pretty simple task, in reality playing Diablo 3 offline is unlikely.

The servers have been pretty stable of late, but there were several times when the game first launched that there were server issues, which only helped to highlight the issues associated with having to have an online connection to play Diablo 3. We find it amusing that an article here goes against most other views that being able to make the game playable offline would be an easy task.

Most fans do agree that an offline mode is not an impossible task but would take time and money to implement. The sources argument is that Blizzard has proved that they can do it because of Diablo 1 and 2, but they were built with the offline mode from the start; yes Blizzard can do it but they have already invested heavily in the new system and are not likely to throw that money away.

Okay, we know that Blizzard brought in an always-online connection for Diablo 3 to counter hackers, but they have not had a great success in this area yet, although it’s still early days and we should give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt – but not too long.

Do you feel that Blizzard would be able to offer an offline mode? Has the mighty finally fallen or will Blizzard be able to redeem themselves?