Maintaining Assassin’s Creed 3 historical accuracy

Having already discussed how Ubisoft will not gloss over some of the more questionable parts of the American Revolution – even though they have yet to show negative footage on part of the colonists – one has to wonder how they will be maintaining historical accuracy in Assassin’s Creed 3? The answer lies in the extensive historical records that are available to all during that part of history.

We’re told that those who become a target of Connor are real people and for the most part will be at the right place in where they was in history, one example of this is said to be the part of the game that looks back at the battle of Bunker Hill. We already know that Ubisoft will be using technology where there will be changeable weather conditions throughout the game, and the team of developers will be able to look at the weather reports from the historic records to make sure they have the correct weather on those days.

The footage of the battle of Bunker Hill will be even more convincing because those same records also have casualty records, it’ll be like you are reliving the moment, which is perfect if you are into your history.

Because our assassin will be in a completely new environment it was important for Ubisoft to create a new combat system, such as the need to climb and jump stealthily through the tress, as well as being able to hold more than one weapon at a time (those weapons can be seen in more detail in our recent post).

Even though Ubisoft say that they were able to rely on the American Revolution historical records, there is no way that we can rely on them 100 percent because none of us were there.

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