Skepticism over GTA 5 Wii U release

There seems to be some skepticism when it comes to a GTA 5 Wii U release because of recent comments made by Take-Two Interactive, which as we know is the parent company of Rockstar. They have doubts that they as a company will commit to any big titled games coming to Nintendo’s next-gen games console.

Not having such a big title like GTA 5 could be a huge blow for the Wii U because it needs to become more of a grown-up console when compared to its predecessor, but then we shouldn’t feel too downbeat because we already know that Assassin’s Creed 3 and Black Ops 2 will be coming to the Wii U, so is this latest news from Take-Two that much of a huge deal?

However, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here because while the company is skeptical, they are not pessimistic reports CVG, which means that there could be a slim chance. There will still be a number of their family and sports games available on the Wii U, but will this be enough for you?

The Wii U launch titles were a bit of a letdown during E3 2012 a couple of weeks back because there seemed to be a pattern from other developers in regards to committing to many of their larger titles, yes there are the couple we mentioned above but they won’t be enough to persuade the hardcore gamer to buy into a new console that developers have yet to commit too.

Could the lack of Grand Theft Auto V affect peoples views on the Wii U wanting to be more of a big boys gaming console?

  • Paul78

    Acho que eles deveriam liberar GTA 5 já!

  • *@*

    Rockstar Games aproveitou os seus valiosos clientes – nós. Mas nós ainda manter rastejando de volta, o que eles esperam? Tudo o que podemos fazer é resistir e esperar unfortunastely caras: (

  • Neto-nil

    que se preocupa com u wii, wii está nascendo de qualquer maneira a sua idade e para crianças