Verification of Mike Tyson WWE 13 appearance

It looks like the legendary Iron Mike Tyson is set to make an appearance in WWE 13, as another promotional video has recently been shown, although there has been no official announcement yet by THQ. With wrestling manager Paul Heyman, releasing this video the general view is that this is WWE related and we are eager to find out what part Tyson plays in all of this.

It is speculated that his appearance will have something to do with the game’s Attitude Era theme and the lack of gameplay footage has diverted a lot of the attention to Mike Tyson’s involvement. Captain Star Ball write about WWEGames’ twitter page retweeted the video quizzing whether this is verification, as plenty of evidence appears to confirm that he will be in the game.

Since the end of his boxing career, Iron Mike has made many appearances including box office movies and since tying up his gloves his aggressive temperament that he is renowned for has always been a big part of his persona. Seeing him take part in anything to do with contact sport shows that fighting spirit will be involved, although recent comedy appearances have shown a different fun side to his character, adding to the unpredictable nature that many of his fans find endearing.

In other WWE 13 news, at the beginning of the month we wrote about the camera angles aiming to give this game the same feel as those watching the TV coverage, and that you will be able to perform a replay mid-match and pause the action live. What do you think about the introduction of Mike Tyson?