Black Ops: Declassified modes announced, lacks zombies

There were many great moments during E3 and the announcement of Black Ops: Declassified for the PS Vita was one of them, but the information that was made available at the time was limited. However, thanks to an online retailer they may have let a few details slip that will be of interest to fans of the franchise.

No details were given to us by the developers, publishers or even Sony in regards to features of the game, such as game modes, but Walmart has given away that Black Ops: Declassified will feature multiplayer and also Spec Ops Story mode. What will be a concern for fans is the lack of zombies, but Activision or Treyarch could announce this at a later date.

The product listing for the first PS Vita Call of Duty game went live on the Walmart website today, along with building the game up with a nice synopsis. They say that the Spec Ops Mission is designed for gamers on the move and will offer an intense gaming experience on a handheld gaming device. The listing also shows a price of $49.99, which has to be accurate.

The original Black Ops game was made even better with its Zombie mode, so we do hope that this PS Vita version will also have a mode where you can try to stop the undead from killing you. Now that this information has leaked maybe more details will be officially announced soon, in the mean time what would you like to see from Black Ops: Declassified?

  • 01613

    no zombies equals crap

  • BigBlythBob

    Cross play with ps3 version so I can play multiplayer with mates when not in house