Completion of Hardcore Inferno Diablo before patch

Completion of worlds first Hardcore Inferno kill has happened on Diablo 3 before the patch and those who know about the difficulties like that experienced in Hell you will understand that this is a major feat. The thing about Hardcore Mode is that you can not die or you will lose your character, which can be soul destroying.

A recent video showing a player dying at the end of Act II in Inferno while playing a Hardcore character has amounted to a heartbreaking reaction for the player involved, realizing that after putting in all that time and effort their character has come to its demise. In an article on Leviathyn, they write about Kripparrian who was able to do what is thought to be the unachievable and completed all four difficulties with a Hardcore character, a Barbarian.

Not only is this a hats off situation but congratulations go out to Kripparrian for not only managing the unmanageable but also well done for doing it before the patch changes the difficulty of enemies in Inferno. Many gamers talk about their own progression throughout the game but you can understand the hesitancy to move up a gear when they know that they can lose their character after putting all that time in. While some are pleased how far they have got before Blizzard initiate another patch.

Plenty of respect goes out with some regarding this feat as commendable, as they would be utterly distraught to lose the character they have built up. In relation to Diablo 3 news only last week we informed our viewers on the consequences of Diablo 3 cheating and that any found doing this will have Blizzard come down on them like a ton of bricks. No joy will come from losing the privilege of logging in to to play Diablo 3 amounting to a loss of $60 due to no offline play thanks to the game’s strict online-only DRM.

What do you think about the world’s first Hardcore Inferno Diablo kill? How would you feel if your character was killed off?

  • dataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    “People think that was the first HC Inferno clear? Weird. Webcams r 2 legit 2 quit. hay HAY”
    @Bashiok Well you have the data, why don’t you tell us if someone had already killed d inferno hardcore then?
     @Plosionz We don’t publicly announce/recognize world firsts. I’m just surprised that was the first one that was publicized.

  • Barron891

    You forgot to mention the mage he did it with. Krippi