MW3 June DLC live today, no classic maps

We knew that the MW3 June DLC would go live today, but what we did not know were some of the details of this latest content drop. When it was announced yesterday not much in the way of details were shared with us, but we did learn that there would be no classic maps, which had been rumored a few days back.

This news will get a mixed reaction because while some gamers were looking forward to some good maps from previous Call of Duty titles, there will be others who were not going to be happy with the prospect of paying again for the same map – how do you feel about not getting any classic maps with this latest DLC?

In the new content drop is a new Spec Ops mission called Arctic Recon as well as Face Off mode getting three new maps. There are currently no screens or videos, but once the new content drops today we’ll be able to take a look in greater detail. However, we do have this one image for you above thanks to the Twitter account of Infinity Ward.

It was first assumed that only two of the Face Off maps would go live today, but we now know that all three will be in the download today; these are Intersection, U-Turn and Vortex. The Spec Ops map Arctic Recon will also be live today as well.

As yet Mark Rubin has yet to announce when PS3 and PC users will have access to this same DLC.