RTX exhibitors and playable Halo 4

RTX is set to take place on Friday, July 7th to July 8th and while those attending the event will have an array of exhibitors to choose from, it’s hard not to get too excited over the fact that they will have the chance to get the first hands-on gameplay with Halo 4. As we said this is the first time consumers will be able to play the game, so it’s easy to see why this is such a huge deal.

That’s not all, we’re hearing that players will also be able to play against each other in multiplayer and those winners could have the chance to play against some Roosterteeth employees, which we have to say would be one event you would not want to miss. We can also tell you that the keynote speaker will be Freddie Wong who you will know better as freddiew.

While it’s a little hard to get over this big announcement we still have to inform you that there will be 13 exhibitors at the event along with some Internet celebrities as well, such as Mega 64, My Drunk Kitchen and many more. The sale of tickets was meant to end four days ago, but this has now been extended up to and including June 22nd.

Maybe on July 7th fans will be able to check out the new sniper rifle, which has been getting a mixed reaction. While it’s nice to have a gun with that much firepower, there always has to be a trade-off and this one is its size, as it can often get in your way while carrying it. Let’s hope you do get to try the sniper rifle out and you could let us know your thoughts?

List of RTX exhibitors below.

  • tq565

    The event is July 7-8 2012. June 22 is when online ticket sales finish.