2 fixes for MW3 Specs Ops DLC glitch

Today saw the release of a new MW3 Spec Ops DLC called Arctic Recon, which we had only learned final details of yesterday. What we did not know was the fact that there would be a glitch coming with it – well for some anyway. The problem is that your Spec Ops rank can look as though it has reset itself and then stops you from loading up Spec Ops DLC you have installed.

Like we said above the problem does not affect all, only those who have installed Modern Warfare 3 to their hard drive and also has the latest Elite content downloaded. There are two fixes for this issue, which we’ll get to in a bit, but we wanted to inform you that Infinity Ward says the reason for the glitch is because there seems to be a limit to the number of DLC for a title update, which as they say was planned.

According to an MW3 forum there are 2 fixes with one being easier than the other. The first means all you need to do is uninstall the game from your Xbox 360 hard drive and then re-install it. The second one is for those who do not wish to uninstall the game, what they will have to do is delete all DLC for the game and then re-download the lot, this will have the same outcome as option 1.

We’re hearing that this happened to many MW3 users with an Xbox 360 today and started to think the worst, although some of them have said that they do not even have the game installed. If this is the case then maybe Infinity Ward will need to issue a small patch to rectify the issue?

Have you suffered from this new glitch?

  • FTM*73

    yeah downloaded the latest drop and spec ops missions and rank has been reset. We pay for elite because…………..  IDIOTS MAN

  • Dalaga

    i couldent play the spec op map, i just thought it jacked up when i downloaded it, but this who would of guessed this? FIX YOUR STUFF IW!