Assassin’s Creed 3, an overload of content


As the AC franchise continues this year with Assassin’s Creed 3, it seems that there is an overload of content expected in this upcoming installment, and we want to know whether this will drastically change the game. The most recent AC title, Revelations was not regarded as the best game in the franchise, yet it still done well as a bridge to this next title. Looking at what will be available in Assassin’s Creed 3, we are intrigued to get another perspective with a preview from this year’s E3.

Being one of the lucky ones to get a back-stage appointment for the game write about the extensive content involved, and rather than try out a specific mission they got the chance to witness the environments of colonial Boston in 1773. In this behind-the-scene demonstration, they were shown the elements of the rain and snow with the new dynamic weather system.

It seems that NPCs have been vastly improved reacting to the climates and moving independently, as opposed to previous titles where they amalgamated into groups of four. Moving cover was also seen in action as Connor swiftly jumps into a moving hay cart and assassinates the driver unnoticed, and adding to this many other changes were experienced large and small. Everything from low crouching in bushes, to being able to view a few thousand enemies on screen at once was seen.

Being able to pass through buildings is a nice touch and animal NPCs is where the amount of content is questioned and what we may come to expect from inclusion of dogs, pigs, etc. New combat skills are just a minor addition, and their opinion is that Assassin’s Creed 3 looks breathtaking and that includes both content and a technical standpoint. In our recent post on maintaining the historical accuracy, we spoke about the lengths Ubisoft have gone to in creating a realistic background to AC3 and the American Revolution. Do you think the amount of content involved in this game guarantees success for Assassin’s Creed 3? Maybe you feel that this game is an ideal way for Ubisoft to bring back AC fans that have lost interest.

  • Bla

    looks like the coolest game ever to me

  • Guest

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! yay for ac3

  • Mrkebas

    Ac3 got best of e3 award well deserved 

  • sdfgshb

    it better lead to success because lets be honest, the last two games barely qualify as games. they were just trash, but AC3 looks like it will be the best game of the series. i just hope then can create a story as good as AC2′s story. cant wait for AC3 and naval combat!

    • Drewtanner55

      How were they trash? AC Brother hood was considered the best game when it came to the story of Ezio. Revelations had a nice multiplayer that I had never seen before except in Brotherhood. It took AC multi to the next level. How were they trash?

      • Gullyrani021

        They were utter garbage not in the gameplay sense but the fact that i had to pay 60$ 3 x for 3 games for 1 story that SHOULD have and COULD have been 1 game..we needed ac3 after brotherhood..instead Ubisoft lost a lot of fans that wont even bother looking at Ac3 ..a shame if u ask me i do think Ac3 will be a good game but still.

        • James123-4

          Each of the last two games took +20 hours to beat, and that is not including all the side quests. That would have been a ridiculously long game. Ubisoft may have lost you and a couple others, but I see that millions of people are excited for AC3, and many liked Brotherhood and Revelations. Just because you think something does not mean everyone else does. The general consensus on ACB and ACR is that they are still both great games.

      • sdfgshb

        i like ac2′s story better and even if ac brotherhoods story was a little better, still not worth $60, revelations stepped up the multiplayer. again, not worth $60. ac brotherhood = AC2.5  revelations = AC2.75  after i got revelations i said to myself, “that’s it. im not buying anymore AC games.” very little changes between brotherhood and revelations. the only reason im buying AC3 is because it looks so amazing. articles have acknowledged that revelations and brotherhood were rushed spinoffs that would just finish Ezio’s story and make room for Connor. notice how they are putting all 30 years of Connor’s story into one game. still can’t wait for AC3 and naval combat!

        • Drewtanner55

          Maybe you’re right. The story didn’t add on much. And a game is not worth $60 for multiplayer. (Even though almost all of my friends who play Call of Duty haven’t even played the campaign.) I didn’t fully play through AC 2 so Revelations and Brotherhood were good enough for me. I liked AC 1 the best story though. Brotherhood was the best Ezio wise. (I guess…)

  • Saave_dragon

    Pre-ordered the first day, and i cant wait to get it. AC3 is gonna make the year waiting for.

  • Mattfrost

    Looks like Pro American Marketing……ANTI BRITISH….lets kill the Brits!!! they are the evil ones…… Seriously has there ever been a game with the Americans as the bad guys? This sucks Balls

    • James123-4

      in red dead redemption, you kill a ton of americans. In GTA, you kill a ton of americans. Most open-world games modern games, you can kill americans. The British are rarely the enemies in video games. Also, it is not anti british marketing at all; the brits get way better deals and special pre-order bonuses that the Americans do. May I remind you that the British weren’t really the good guys anyways?

      • James123-4

        More games that have America as the bad guy are MW2, Avatar, Saints Row, Fallout 1,2,3, Splinter Cell, Dead Rising, and many more. Also, the US is the biggest gaming market in the world, and the last thing game companies want to do is alienate their biggest customers. Grow a brain, Matt; there are so many games that have anti-american undertones, yet there are none like that for the british.

        • mattfrost

          Hi James…..Dude America is allways the good guys:
          Dead Rising – Hero = American…vs Zombies (so not sure why you mentioned that)
          Avatar – Hero = American Vs Bad Guys which are big and Blue.
          Saints Row – Hero – Well there is none – your an Angry Rapper Vs Angry Rappers.
          Fallout 3 – Hero = American vs Mutants and whatever else
          MW2 – Hero = American and Brits vs Terrorists.

          Dude I love America, I fly to Boston every year to Watch the New England Patriots play NFL, but please dont try and tell me there has been a game with Americans as the bad guys. As you rightly said, it is the biggest Market. Peace to all I will wait for the game release.   

          • James123-4

            You are right in saying that there is never a foreign person against the Americans. But there are so many games that have anti-american undertones. Dead Rising is one of them, so is fallout. At the end of MW2, you go into the American base and kill a ton of Americans when you find out about Sheperd. Avatar is so anti-american it is ridiculous; you are not against blue people, you are against the Americans. BTW Avatar is all hippie sentiments compiled into one mediocre movie. I do not like Avatar very much. And I am very excited for AC3, so I may be a little biased ;)

      • mattfrost

        “British weren’t really the good guys anyways” Fair Enough…..Empire was a Stupid idea anyway…..But Hang on…in GTA the Hero is American and it is not like the Americans are the Bad guys, they just happen to live in the wrong city……Anyway….Peace to all, I will wait for the game release

        • James123-4

          And on a side note, the hero in GTA IV is Russian ;)

          • Captain Cabinets

             Niko Bellic was Serbian if you’re going to try and correct someone.

          • James123-4

            Sorry, I have never played the game. Some people I know own it, and they told me he was Russian.

          • Guest

            Your friends are noobs.