Download Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3 live today

Yesterday a massive update went live in the US for Diablo 3 and those in the UK can download it today. Blizzard has warned that those logging in from a European or Asian client will have to wait for the patch 1.0.3 to release in that region before it can be installed.

This large patch involves two main fixes and the first one is to the drop rate, which allows the best items in the game to drop from many different places, adding more variety to the play styles. The other focal fix is an adjustment to balance in the Inferno difficulty creating smoother gameplay, and in an article on CVG they highlight that those logging in from a European or Asian client will find the game going offline at 2AM UK time last night with all services expected to return online at around 12PM today.

The list is so extensive bringing many changes and to see the full extent of what is entailed Battle Net has compiled the latest client patch notes for you to run through. In other relevant news, only yesterday, we informed our readers of the completion of Hardcore Inferno prior to this patch, and those who have played the difficulties in Hell will realize what an accomplishment this is.

Respect goes out for doing it before the patch changes the difficulty of enemies in Inferno and well done to those who have got far prior to this. How far did you get before this patch?