GTA 5 delays yet another title

Having already learned that GTA 5 is having an affect on the release of certain games it comes as no surprise that another title will be delayed because of Rockstar’s upcoming game. Anarchy Reigns is the latest victim because the creators said that they do not wish to release the title so close to the release of Grand Theft Auto V, which will come as a disappointment to fans.

The developers are said to be more upset than the fans because they have everything ready for the North American and European release, but it’s Sega delaying things until Q1 2013 for which they have taken to Twitter to express their frustration. It’s a sad day when one game such as GTA 5 is dictating the release of so many other titles because Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite have also fallen victim.

While fans will be upset we have to think of the bigger picture here, the likes of Sega are a business and are in it to make money, if they release a game and sales are affected by another title then this could have an adverse affect on their next title. There are still a bunch of great games coming out later this year such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and Black Ops 2, but that’s still no consolation for those who were waiting on titles like Anarchy Reigns.

We have to wonder why these publishers are being a little hasty though because Rockstar has yet to announce a release date, while most rumors suggest an October release (which would fit in with their previous release window) there’s still the possibility that GTA 5 could also be a Q1 2013 release.

Should one game be able to dictate the release of so many other titles?

  • mat

    Mr. Garrison, Stan’s behavior is having an adverse effect on my education

  • RaMo 00

    i have just given up on hopeing for a 2012 release for gta 5

    • Tomgrewer

       That`s what Rockstar wants us giving up and then BOOOOM 2de TRAILER 3e TRAILER RELEASE OCTOBER 24 mark my words boy Rockstar did something else in there marketing strategy they delay the announce ment of gta till he was done I swear it mate GTA 5 was already finish t in NOVEMBER 2011 when they announced it they still need to burn 18 million copies of the game and the licences for psn and xbox live take up to a year

      • Dom

        It wasnt done in november… Even in the trailer u could see some bugs and unfinished places.

  • Caldero

    I too have given up on an October release window because of the lack of news.  Initially hearing of this delay caused me to think that the publisher was being too hasty as well except for the fact that they’re a pretty big and respected publishing company.  I don’t think they would make  a big decision like that UNLESS they had tangible evidence that GTA 5 WILL release sometime late this year.  Think about it…right now GTA 5 has no official release date but i’m sure some video game insiders may have an idea.  GTA 5 will indeed come out either late this year or early next year based on their lofty stock expectations.  Most people think GTA 5 will release next year, so why delay a game that is ready to go on expected ship date unless you KNEW for SURE that it would be released this holiday season along with COD. If Sega is going on a hunch then that’s one BIG hunch because either way the holiday season AND next year’s first quarter is fulling up with AAA games.

    • Dan P 1342

      san andreas wasnt really talked about until two months till release

  • sex with ya mama

    allways f***cking delaying

  • Nithin Joji

    Now that most games are delayed to Q1 2013 , GTA5 might release in Q1 2013 to kick some a*s…. 

  • mrx

    and they show gta 4 with an audi r8…….. and put gta 5 logo….. so sad.

    • mrx=loser

      shuttup no one likes you..

    • DeeezNutz

      that this website Cut and paste not an official R* Photo Release, but im assuming u know that

  • Klo78

    GTA 5 will be released in 20never

  • cuntknocker

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  • Done-Touch-Me

    gta better not sell my penis to albert de silva

    • Ced

      There is no Albert

    • Sploodge-god

      Wont be a de silva cus there is already one in Max Payne 3, what are the chances that there will be one in each of there new games..

  • Btr

    I feel like, well, just bashing rockstar really hard right now, like in the balls, really hard.

  • Awais khan

    this takes the piss i just brought my ps3 for this games i wasnt going to get another one until the ps4 came out.. you wastmanz

    • AJ Davis07

      Not rockstars fault. They don’t want to put their game up against grand theft auto because it just doesn’t compare. Make a better game, people are still want to play it matter what’s out there.

  • Shane Nix

    Us GTA fans have been waiting for 4 years for this and COD fans and fans of other games get the games their huge fans of not long after their annouced so its not really that unfair considering most fans of some of these games told us gta fans to shut up and and way that we’d get our gta in due time well its their turn to wait…i don’t see what the big deal is gta V is gonna be awesome

  • lamp teacher

    Hide yo games! BIG PAPA is coming this year!……….hopefully

  • Tomgrewer

    hahah rockstar is rulling again haha

  • Tomgrewer

    every game even assassincreed and call of duty is delaying HAHAHAHA MOVE YOUR ASSES GTA 5 IS COMMING BE AWARE HAHAHAHAH

  • Tomgrewer

    I know for sure that big papa is coming they will announce in July they are almost done whit the 18 million copies and the licenses Rockstar announced Gta on the moment he was done so we fans didn’t have to suffer as long on Rta 4 Rockstar did us a big fever this time love you guys keep it up

  • Colin0337

    Do they know something we dont?!!?

    • Eric . P

      I think so… 😀 I think Gta5 is coming this year ! 

  • Aaron Dix

    Prove its because of GTA 5…..

    • Monarchco

      please read the whole thing. sega announced it. and please put 2 and 2 together. they are not releasing because they would take a major sales hit, just like the others.

  • Darrenard

    BOOM! there goes the Dynomite

    • Steven199


  • Morgan77740

    When was this game suppost to come out? cus if its in late 2012 then I think thats another sign that rock star will release in 2012 i mean cmon thats 3 games that have dropped out of the holiday 2012 area thats gotta get you people thinking.

    • Bruce Kibbutz

      There are rumors that it could come out in January or February of 2013. But if it does not come out in 2013, it will definitely come out sometime in December of 2012.

  • 466thornton

    I say gta 5 should drop on 11/13 just to shut up all the cod fans and get the best selling game before the world ends and get into this years series battles. You have halo 4 out 11/6, assassins creed 3 in October, and black ops 2 11/13. I say GTA 5 will come out on top

    • Someone.

       just thought i’d comment on this comment, i’ve played all gta’s and all cod’s (not including the odd gta and cod ones like episodes of vice city) and i think they’re both really good game series, putting them on the same date will just a bad rivalry and i think them lot in EA are already trying to mess up cod so give it a break hating cod :)

  • Asd


  • Spainkilla

    It should come out befor the end of the world of Dec 21 2012

    • Playboy X

      There’s no such thing as the “end of the world” at this point. Just because the Mayan Calendar ends doesent mean the world will. The world could end sometime in the future, definitely not any time soon. But I do agree with you, it should come out before Christmas..

    • YourInsider

       The Mayans didn’t take account for leap years so it technically should have ended months ago. According to the Mayan Calendar that is :)

      Nov 8th 2012

  • sniperholic

    hope they put BMXs in that would make me buy it without hearing anything els

    • sniperholic

      also they should make peoples arms nd legs fail off if the get hit by a car, or if the get blown up!

  • Gumby65

    So “Anarchy Reigns” developers say they are delaying their game because of GTA V?
    Kudos to those guys for having  a FREE VEHICLE to get the name of their game out there by contributing  to a “news” article.  Tip of the hat to you sirs.

  • Ryan

    Maybe the rest of these developers should make better games, so they can compete with GTA 5

  • dirty-hobo

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  • Hoohoo


  • King Christian


  • Singham_bbs

    plz elease fast

  • Steven1990

    HA i always said there is no game as good as GTA and if they threaten other games then this is clear proof…….

  • Lukie442

    Why would you want a fast release though?? The longer they spend mastering it the better it will be, i won’t be buying many if any other R* franchises, simple because there are no better than the Grand Theft Auto series. Take your time Rockstar! make the best game of 2012/2013. 

  • Rob

    What are these companies going to do if GTA5 doesn’t come out until early 2013? Then I guess they’ll have to push the games back even further. I think Bioshock: Infinite has the same publisher as GTA though, so that could mean that GTA is likely coming this fall.

  • Sean

    Ummm. GTA V isn’t coming out till next year. Anarchy Reigns is done. It comes out in July over in Japan. Sega doesn’t want to release it over in the states simply because they think it won’t sell well to the American audience. My advice, import the game, it is region free and fully localized with english dialog and text options.

  • Rafael Vazquez

    Well… The GTA franchise is one of the biggest out there. I hope it does release in October, but only if it’s done. I don’t want Rockstar to release this game with a bunch of bugs.

  • Auouywonz

    I’ts not really a ‘should’ one game, it’s more of a ‘of course’ one game.
    Like, it’s GTAV. It’s not president of the industry, it’s just the Goliath that will stomp on it once every few years. It’s called respect.

  • Jonathan M. Jacobs

    Anarchy Reigns is going to be a disappointment know matter when it comes out, just like Lollipop Chainsaw was.

  • Grobert

    Sega SUX

    • tim

      u got that right…

  • Ben The Man

    This article is illogically, stupid.

    • Danielh69

      Your placing of commas is illogically stupid.

  • Dan Houser’s Slow Friend

    Well, if GTA V is going to release in October (which I want desperately), they better start releasing more information and another trailer. Every other GTA has had mutiple trailers before its release. We’re still stuck with only one. But anyways, as much as I want GTA V this year, I honestly don’t think it is. If they were planning on releasing it this year they would be marketing for right now.

  • Brandondaprodigy

    i cant believe how stupid people are. gta 5 clearly isnt coming out this year considering the fact that have 4 months to hype the game and they have only got 1 trailer. if you were smart you would know that its coming out around early-mid 2013 as rockstar has made a habit of releasing games around that date for the past few years (gta 4, red dead redemption, la noire, max payne 3) and rockstar NEVER releases 2 games in 1 year nor have they ever showed a GTA game at E3

    • Jhonatanolave

      You make a good point.

  • Dead Drop

    GTA 5 hasn’t got a release date.. Rockstar have a big fan base who are very excited about this game releasing because they do good work unlike Sega’s last few offerings.. If you’re going to delay your game then delay it but don’t be childish about it and blame it on another companies long running franchise! Sega are in business to make money? A) They need to improve the quality and content of what they are releasing B) So are Take-Two/Rockstar.

  • Noob

    It’s not a delayed game…Stupid articles think they know it all.
    It will be released when it’s ready, it’s not like the yearly release games which they don’t add much in and rush out the release every year.

  • Mikefi1

    GTA5 will be the best game ever made.EVER. but there goin to take all the time they need to perfect it wich is great. and max payne 3 just came out not too long ago. i wouldnt see gta coming out for a wile. so hopefully R* is hard at work

  • Ryan1245

    What does this mean? Any updates on this one?