Importance of Lollipop Chainsaw ending

Developers for Lollipop Chainsaw felt there was a great importance when it came to figuring out the ending of the game, they understood that it’s not in the same league of some of the big titles, but nevertheless they knew that they had to come up with something pretty impressive. Don’t worry because we’re not giving away any spoilers.

Zombie games have been all the rage for sometime now, but the idea of having a teenage cheerleader running around slaying zombies was a novel idea, and you’ll be surprised with just how much action there is to be had. While the reviews have been mixed, for the most part the game has been very well received.

We’re told that we need to pay close attention to the ending, which has been building up throughout the game. Juliet has to get to the bottom of what has caused the zombie outbreak and during her mission she has to try and balance this with a love story as well – talk about throw everything into a game.

You would think that mixing these elements would not work and that the importance of the Lollipop Chainsaw ending would not be high on the list, but according to a recent article we should always count on a solid ending from Suda 51. We would hate to tell you what that ending is, but all we will say is it’s going to be impressive and unique.

Have you got to the end yet, what did you think without giving too much away?