Improving Battlefield 3 Conquest Domination maps

Hints of improvements to Battlefield 3 Conquest Domination maps have been discussed by lead gameplay designer Alan Kertz, and apparently this brand new game mode could be making its way to Vanilla and Back to Karkand Battlefield 3 maps. Realizing that Conquest: Domination has become rather popular his reaction to this is that “it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise”.

Being the close quarter’s version of the established Conquest mode it takes the same idea of regular CQ by placing three “flags” on a map, which players must capture as they bleed the opposing force of “tickets”. In this one, a more frequent change of ownership is experienced with a rapid capture time. In an article on MP1ST they highlight that this mode does not allow the owning team to spawn on their captured flags. Instead, spawns are more similar to the classic TDM mode.

Asking whether you would play it on other maps lead gameplay designer Alan Kertz teases that there is a chance, as his direction of questioning gives the impression that this could be a possibility. This would be an improvement for fans who would like to rediscover their favorite maps, and anyone showing concern Kertz clarified that CQD ”would never replace normal CQ,” he also stated that they plan to add to the number of guns as time goes on.

In other Battlefield 3 related news, last week we wrote about fans asking for a dinosaur mode, which has been mentioned prior to the games release. A recent tweet by DICE shows they have acknowledged this request, and fans would probably need to get the company motivated by generating more publicity. Are you interested in more improvements to the Battlefield 3 Conquest Domination maps?